Daily Horoscope December 23rd 2018

Do you feel you have to travel to get the human contact you need for a good Christmas? Maybe you should start to map out your Christmas agenda around trains, planes or automobiles?

It'll be difficult to reach harmony in your relationships today, especially if there are frustrations you find hard to address. Compromise is vital to make it work.

A brief respite from your responsibilities gives you time to get to grips with interests that are specifically yours. Don’t get carried away with special offers

Broadening your horizons is order of the day. Your strong sense of culture and refined tastes are highlighted but don’t be too quick to judge the tastes of others.

Expect a few small setbacks at work today, but it’s only because you’re not concentrating. A focused approach works best so don’t get Christmas plans out of proportion

Get ready for a busy eventful week. The lunar high gives you what you need to bring an end to the recent quiet spell. Show others you’re determined, enterprising and funny.

Emotive issues in relationships take centre stage today. Don’t be too ready to allow these a great deal of room in your mind, as you’re not as rational as you could be.

Communications of all kinds are emphasised today and it's up to you to make the most of this interlude. Use every possible means to keep in touch with loved ones.

It’s not the best time of the month to pursue an ego boost. Remember your popularity can fluctuate, so manage your level of optimism and self-belief sensibly.

Teamwork issues remain rewarding and you have scope to become the life and soul of the party. An inspirational approach helps you respond to changing circumstances.

Although Christmas is just around the corner it’s not time to forget about your work just yet. Look out for info on new and interesting responsibilities and opportunities.

It’s a day of old and new faces, expanding your social scene and bringing new and interesting conversation your way. If you walk down memory lane, don’t linger for too long.

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