Daily Horoscope December 24th 2018

You can learn something new and exciting today so keep your eyes and ears open and be willing to alter your plans at the last minute. It’s a hectic time but try and get rest too.

Be ready for some surprises on the social scene tonight. You get on well with everyone, and because you’re a Taurus you’re well prepared for tomorrow. There's nostalgia around tonight.

You can make good progress today but it all depends on how you react to the behaviour of others. This is annoying, as you like to be in charge yourself. Be diplomatic.

In personal relationships, aim for the kind of mutual understanding that'll help make the holiday period less stressful. Not everyone sees your point of view.

This Christmas eve gives you the chance to look more closely at personal attachments. There's a great strength of feeling with some nostalgia thrown in for good measure.

Take your chances on achieving a high profile this happy Christmas eve. You always register how much has to be done, but try as hard to find ways to have fun tonight, too.

Today has the potential to be very positive when it comes to family members and friends. Consider this to be your special day thru the Christmas holidays. Get some alone time.

With the accent on action and Christmas day just around the corner you feel you’re trying to get a litre into a pint jug. Stop worrying. The festive season is going well.

There's new love on the cards for some of you single Sags especially if you’ve been searching for a new beginning. It couldn’t have come at a better time. Yay.

Christmas eve works best if you have a spring in your step and a smile firmly on your face. Planetary trends are positive and you’re still the life and soul of the party. What’s come over you?

Trends for Christmas eve encourage you to keep up a fast pace, but don’t tire yourself out either. Don’t focus on any one direction. Spread yourself about socially.

Quiet trends prove more of the norm for you today, but it’s caused by the lunar low. Keep a happy frame of mind by keeping yourself occupied. Overcome obstacles.

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