Leo January 2019

Leo Horoscope January 2019

Leo Horoscope 2019: January

There is a great chance for transformation and the accessing of deeply buried needs and desires; the realisation you have this month can shape the course of the year ahead. There is a strong sense that events this month are portentous and almost fated, and you may take events or information as a sign that you are either on the right course or the wrong course, and this can give you a shove in the right direction or the oomph to put energy into your chosen direction.

This month it is important to put an end to any lingering disputes or disagreements from last year. You do not want the bad energy from those problems to be a drag on you this year and so leave the negativity or toxic people in 2018. Lingering anger is pervasive and can block creativity and progress. However, reviewing any old issues in a new and more philosophical way can actually fuel growth and add context to your creative endeavours.

Avoid being drawn into situations where there are strong undercurrents and where a person attempts to manipulate you via guilt or via tapping into the anger they sense in you – so do not become a vehicle for someone else’s passive aggressive tendencies.

Control and focus of energy is very important; if well directed, there can be strong progress in even challenging areas of your life; however, if mismanaged, energy can be wasted on bickering, arguments, and slow burn resentment.

Thoughts this month also turn to self-improvement regarding health and diet, and you will be quite excited about new directions and methods of dieting and exercising that are sustainable. Any health regimes must be holistic and take account of emotional well-being and stress related to work in order to be effective. Ignoring one area of life while tackling your health can lead to a three-legged table regarding well-being, and so take all factors into account when looking at ways to improve your energy, fitness, and health.

Applying skills correctly and following procedure is perhaps dull, but it is necessary this month. A good time to get on top of paperwork and fill in forms or applications.

Leo in Love January 2019

Sexual issues this month are linked to changing sexual needs and attitudes – Leo need depth, and lack of fulfilment in the sex life will really bug you, and you will want to get the better of it. Your physical needs and desires need an outlet, and you may even provoke an argument to give you a chance to voice something which is harder to say in regular conversation.

You need to recognise sexual desires, and it may be down to you to devise ideas on how to best satisfy these; do not leave it up to your partner to use a hit and miss strategy, tell him/her what you need and guide them.

Quality in sexual relationships rather than quantity is the key; you need a full range of expression in your life, and frustration in the sexual department can seep into other areas of life, undermining communication and cooperation.

Some new relationships can reach second base quite quickly as Leo are eager to test the sexual compatibility. Usually, it is better to develop trust first; however, somehow sex is the key to many other relationship issues for Leo, and so when that goes right, the rest flows.

Often arguments in relationships are related to subconscious sexual issues, and so even if you do not think it is about sex, it is.

Leo Career January 2019

The implementation of new ideas and systems to increase efficiency and performance may initially hamper and frustrate, but once you get to grips with the new systems, things will fly.

This is a good time for work-based learning and training contracts, and it is also very beneficial for practical exams and for any demonstrations you have to do at work.

Interaction with colleagues is lively, and Leo can benefit from a stimulating work environment. Health and safety is a topic that will come up with either training or new regimes to ensure laws are complied with. Compliance is another important aspect of this month’s work life.

This is a dynamic time in business affairs and can be a good time to begin restructuring or refinancing to be able to adapt to your vision for 2019.

Being more aware of the subtleties of human nature and looking for undercurrents in your workplace situation is vital to understanding the interplay of emotions and ambitions of those around you. You cannot ignore psychological idiosyncrasies and should be tolerant of people’s failings, cutting them some slack.

This is a fabulously intuitive month for those who work in counselling psychology or with people who are mentally or physically unwell.

Marriage counsellors and divorce lawyers will be very busy this month.

The end of this month is a fortunate time for launches, previews, trade fairs, exhibits or any event where you can showcase either your talent or products and have a chance to distribute literature.

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