Pisces in February 2019

Pisces Horoscope February 2019

Pisces Monthly Horoscope Feb. 2019

This is a very important month for your health regarding starting a weight loss program, beginning to improve fitness or beginning to tackle health issues in a new way. You can begin to turn your life around, starting with your health – you can use diet and nutrition not only to address serious health issues but also to improve your energy and your ability to cope in general.

Pisces often neglect their health as you are prone to getting into bad habits, especially when it comes to diet, and you have this attitude of, “I’ll start next week” or “it really isn’t that bad” – you may lie to yourself about how far you have fallen off the wagon. This February you will be inspired to turn over new leaves regarding health, and the planets will give you a boost by showing you the way and highlighting new ideas which can have surprisingly good results.

This month is very good for reputation building, especially as an employer. So you need to be cognisant of how you relate to, negotiate with, or cater to anyone whom you employ – this need not be in a work situation only but also in your domestic situation. Word will spread fast, and if you have been a good employer, you will have more offers at better prices.

Healthy diet is not enough, and so you need a holistic approach which includes emotional nourishment. You need to purge the people who drain you emotionally, and these can often be people beyond your family, to whom you own no duty of care, but who make you feel responsible for them. The dilemma for you is that you enjoy reaching out to others, but once the bond has been established, you can realise you are in for more than you bargained for.

Pisces in Love February 2019

You are feeling very self-expressive this month, and that is excellent for being proactive in love for Valentine’s Day. You are feeling outgoing and will be the one who sparkles and stands out at social gatherings. You are rather competitive in love and will not shy away from making advances on the object of your desire.

In marriages, you are keen to speak about your needs and to get them met you will be the one to initiate lovemaking, and you will ensure that this month you are satisfied. There is a big push for romance this month in both new and established relationships Pisces will put in effort and energy to reignite the spark and ensure the month is marked by some special event.

You are not likely to let things slide; you want to express your feelings in a warm and ardent way, and if you do not get a response, woe betide your partner. However, the love vibes are free flowing, and so your advances and also your excitement will be reciprocated.

This month, you are emotionally vital and rather intense; this will lead to both sexual excitement and shared times which are fun and novel.

Sex is a release of tension this month and should help relax you, and it can have the effect of making other relationship issues pale into insignificance.

If you have forgotten what it is like to be young and in love – this month you should experience that spark again no matter what age you are.

Pisces Career Life Feb.'19

Many adjustments at work can mean things fluctuate and routines are disrupted. It is a good month to establish new routines to increase efficiency, and time spent organising your office and categorising or colour coding is not wasted.

This month, it is important not to micro-manage; you need to know when you can do no more on a project and need to draw it to a close. You must delegate, and this is a good month to recruit an assistant or new employee. It is important to divide your time wisely as there will be new projects begging for your attention, along with others which need tying up. Temporary employees or contracting out is an important consideration for you, as your workload will increase in the next few months, and so you need to gear up for that now.

Regarding office work, there may be disruptions to the flow of work due to a recruitment drive and initiation taking place.

Subtle changes which occur within your work this month will have implications down the line – this means you need to be alert and observant as some changes may affect your contract, your terms or conditions, and it may not be obvious immediately that that will happen.

Work-life balance is a vital consideration this February: I mentioned in the first category that health is under the spotlight this month; it may become clear to you that it is impossible to be healthy in your current job or role, maybe because you work odd hours, travel far, or never have enough time to eat. This link between bad health habits and work will now be obvious and can be a catalyst to change job or position later in the year.

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