Pisces January 2019

Pisces Monthly January 2019

Pisces Horoscope 2019: January

Expectations are coming back into line with your current circumstances, and this means you can start the year with more focus and can get plans into action.

You are in a great frame of mind for the New Year as you have a good idea of your objectives and what you want to achieve in the year, and so you are keen to plan, and you will do so with an optimistic and positive mindset. You have a better grasp of what you have achieved and how that can provide a springboard for greater achievements.

It is also a time when you can begin to suss out which contacts or branches of your network can be the most helpful going forward; you will re-evaluate some of your past associations (business and personal) and will decide to do a spring clean, getting rid of friends or associates who no longer provide you with quality communications, advice, or support.

Quality friends can provide you with some objective feedback which can help you make decisions. You will find that you lose touch or have less inclination to be in touch with friends who have gone off in different directions regarding their ambitions or priorities.

This is a sociable month when you will make many new friends, especially with people who are younger than yourself. It can be that being friends with a younger group can help you get a new perspective on life, and these younger people could actually reinvigorate your ambition and give you a youthful vigour for life.

Pisces in Love January 2019

You are at your charming, alluring best this month, and since it is also a very sociable month, this means that it is a terrific time to mingle, meet, and perhaps sow the seeds of new relationships.

In new relationships, a partner or date may try and impress you by spoiling you or taking you to wonderful restaurants. This may impress you at first, but after a while you may begin to think that he/she does not know you at all and is far too obsessed with the material. It can take a while in new relationships for you to communicate what really matters to you and how to win you over. It can be the case of, no matter how hard he or she tries, they keep hitting the wrong notes with you. In newer relationships, one of you will want it to go faster than the other, and there can be disagreement over how well you really are getting on. There is confusion in new relationships where one of you thinks things are going brilliantly and the other thinks there are problems. Despite all this initial toing and froing, the relationship can be rather exciting even if it is hit and miss regarding the initial emotional connection. You may go from being in love to feeling annoyed, but there is certainly something there.

In marriages, sudden disruptions can come via your partner’s actions. It can be a frustrating month for you as your partner may be either forgetful or careless about following rules or instructions. You may come up with agreements or action plans, especially about money, only to find that you follow them to the letter and they don’t. This can cause disagreements, and you may have reason to complain about your partner being profligate.

In the bedroom, Pisces are seeking romance and affection, and their partners tend to be after spontaneity and action, which may not include the tenderness Pisces are craving which can lead to a little disappointment.

Pisces Career January 2019

This month is great for organising, public relations work, sales or workrelated travel. It is a month where you want to ease yourself gently into work rather than hit the ground running, and so you need to plan activities which are not too serious or which do not require massive concentration.

You are adept at organising others and coordinating activities and can be an effective go-between helping smooth out relations and getting the team operating as one. Your people skills are excellent as is your ability to be firm when needed in encouraging others to get things done.

January is ideal for conventions or any situation where you need to start conversations and get on well with new groups of people. You are adept at establishing rapports and getting off to a very good start.

Adaptability to new circumstances is vital, and the pace of this month is swift but smooth. This will suit your desire for change and your strong need to be with people and relate to people. You can see commonalities and bring together, and this makes you an effective leader or member of any team.

There is great energy available to creative endeavours, especially on the management and production side. If you need to bring an artistic product to a successful conclusion, this is a good month for finishing and getting to work on the sales and publicity side.

This month is favourable for commercial transactions and negotiating favourable terms, especially in the entertainment field or an industry supplying fashion or branded products.

There may be problems regarding loans where you have to put up collateral. This can be a tough month for those whose income fluctuates greatly month to month to get finance.

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