Scorpio January 2019

Scorpio Horoscope January 2019

Scorpio Horoscope 2019: January

The year starts with a busy month that demands concentration and attention to detail. You need to be robust about how you put together your arguments or budgets – if you need to convince others, accuracy is essential. Clear and powerful facts backed up with figures help you nail home your argument.

Others may see you as erratic and unpredictable this month, but you are simply undergoing an internal shake-up where you are rejecting ideas and patterns of behaviour that are no longer helpful or reflective of who you are – those around you will have to get used to it.

Powerful platonic relationships with the opposite sex can be very enjoyable and also helpful to you as you shift gears this year both internally and externally.

Children can actually offer you advice, or the way they deal with adversity (your own children or those you teach) can teach you a few lessons.

Getting to grips with new technology for personal and professional use is a feature of this month. You may be able to find new avenues for selfexpression via social media; although the warning is to get the feel of it slowly before you jump in wholeheartedly. If you have started a new blog, log or hang out online, be more patient about the results as you may be expected to take off like a rocket when in reality, it is a slow process of building and gaining ground.

Scorpio in Love January 2019

Relationships have to meet very high standards this year, and that is why although Scorpio are seeking out romantic relationship with potential lovers, they are not going to jump into something unless they are very sure. Sexual satisfaction is not the highest priority, love must be emotionally satisfying and rewarding on a spiritual level, and material considerations are well down the list. You are looking at people’s souls and not at the labels the world has stamped on them, and in that way, it is a very non-judgemental time.

Scorpio may attract unwanted attention from someone who is very needy and who becomes emotionally attached or dependent on you wanting more than you can give – you need to manage this situation careful as it can escalate and become uncomfortable. Children are important this month, and decisions about your children can bring you together as can sharing in their successes. It is an important time for family planning, which can include difficult decisions i.e., adoption, IVF treatment, etc., but the outcome is likely to be joyful.

This is a serious month in love; it is not about sex and spontaneity but rather about talking through problems, addressing key issues and solidifying your commitment. Scorpio who have been thinking about calling it quits on a bad relationship will probably use January as a clean break.

Scorpio Career January 2019

Integrity is core to your success – you can demonstrate a commitment and belief in your ideas which are inspiring. Remember that what one set of people see as inspiring, others see as divisive; by having strong opinions, you are setting out on a difficult but rewarding route.

Scorpio have much guts and determination this month and are not deterred by doubters or seemingly impossible choices.

This is a very good month for those of you who research history or archaeology and whose work often consists of delving into the past and going through old records or archives. Scorpio who need to painstakingly analyze or sift through data will have their work rewarded.

Scorpio are excellent at spotting talent in people and seeing untapped potential – you can bring into the light the previously unseen or unappreciated.

This an a very rewarding month for Scorpio who work with children, especially if you are looking after their creative or emotional development – it will become apparent to you how closely the emotional and creative expression is linked, and you can help them build confidence. As I have said, they have as much to teach you as you do them.

This is a very productive and interesting month for those who work artistically with tools, i.e., jewellery making, sculpture, carpentry, crafting, and you may get exciting new equipment to work this.

A very good month for those who develop economic or mathematical models for prediction or analysis purposes.

An excellent month for anyone starting a new job.

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