Virgo January 2019

Virgo Horoscope January 2019

Virgo Horoscope 2019: January

The year starts with you in a great mood. You are feeling positive, social, and also quite spontaneous. January is a month of random get-togethers, meet-ups, and parties. You will not be short of invites to lunch or even to the cinema or theatre. You could feel a little lazy and lackadaisical, and so this is not the month for detailed work that needs much concentration and focus.

The challenge on a deeper level is to have faith in your ideas – sometimes we work within a framework or follow the leaders in our field by imitating or using existing mores and themes; the challenge this month is to step away from that and test your own unique ideas. You need to step away from the comfort zones of the conventional and branch out and develop your own unique styles and methods.

This can be the month when you have the courage to start planning a project which has great personal significance to you and which you have dreamt of for many years. 2019 is a year when it is vital to work on not just dreaming it, but doing it, and you can start in a very small way; you will be amazed at how things will gather momentum and how quickly you can gain confidence and belief. You do not want to hold back any longer on secret desires and ambition – jumping into new activities which are all about YOU and not about pleasing others can give you a new sense of self-respect and selfconfidence.

Professional jealousy is a problem, especially in fiercely competitive careers – you need to be careful that criticism is not just geared to undermine you rather than help you.

Children will test you this month, and you will have to tread a fine line and make some tough decisions when it comes to having a balance between allowing independence and being a responsible and protective parent. You may have to learn to trust your kids and have faith that the values you have already instilled in them will ensure they make good decisions. Try not to be a helicopter parent always hovering – they are more capable that you know.

Virgo in Love January 2019

You have strong sexual desires this month, and your sex drive is powerful. In some cases, this desire can be expressed in terms of creativity, where you plough this sexual energy into writing, art, or enthusiasm for a cause. It is probably beneficial if you do have outlets for this sexual energy other than sex as your partner may find you too hot to handle. You will be encouraged to understand which of your sexual desires are constructive and which are destructive. Destructive sexual energy is an increase of jealousy, exhibiting frustration by overreacting to small things or being unreasonable and attention seeking. Constructive uses of that energy are exploring new sexual options, being more eager to learn how to satisfy your partner sexually, and putting energy into creative and also practical ways to express love.

For single Virgo, intrigue can be a part of love – you may be keeping your romance secret from your parents; you may be having feelings for someone who is unattainable or just keeping your romance secret so friends do not interfere.

Love letters, text or sharing intimate photographs can stimulate romance and love. Communication is key to success in all love relationships new or old and so keeping in touch by text, email, Instagram, Messenger, etc. throughout the day is helpful. Many short messages can be more effective than long drawn out conversations, so keep it short and sweet.

Virgo Career January 2019

This is a very good month to entertain clients or take potential clients out to lunch or to events. You are in a playful mood and are not quite over the Christmas spirit of fun and goodwill yet, and so it is a good time to focus on the human side of your business, building relations with suppliers, distributers, and clients.

January is excellent for those Virgo who are launching apps, computer games, Facebook ads or entertainment products. If you do have a book or artistic project to launch, make sure you are good to go in January as you are in the right frame of mind for initiating events, capturing attention, and arranging launches that are original and attention grabbing.

Virgo who work in design, stage management, composition, music arrangement or dance choreography can have an inspired start to the year, and you may get to work with some very interesting characters.

This month is an excellent time for Virgo training in or looking for jobs in education, especially when that is related to primary schoolchildren – it can be formal education or sports and arts education.

In business, this is a very good time for restructuring, i.e., altering your debt equity ratio or trying new methods of finance like crowd funding. You may also look to change banks, swap between long and short term finance or get a bridging loan. You are urged to rearrange your debt so that you have more flexibility in your business. You may take on a silent partner who has money they wish to invest as they believe in your ideas. You may also look into enterprise investment schemes. You could also alter your debt structure to save on tax expenses. A relative may wish to invest in your business, which could result in money coming in for expansion. In some cases, you may benefit from a bequeath.

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