Aquarius Monthly Horoscope April 2019

aquarius april 2019

Aquarius April 2019

Communications with parents can be difficult, even if you usually get on. Family matters can be especially strained, and it can be hard to get them to understand your feelings. It may be that you have more contact with parents as you have to stay with them while you move house, have repairs or improvements done, and it becomes a tense time. In many cases, family coming back home to stay for long periods or due to family events can be stressful and result in a lack of sleep and a disruptive routine.

Getting on with others in a domestic situation in March saps your energy; this is not a good time to start sharing a house or flat with another. If you are in student accommodation or flats where the lives of others have a direct impact on your life, this month will have its share of issues about noise and shared facilities.

This month is one of the best for collectors or those of you who invest in art or antiques – you can acquire some great value deals. It is also an exciting time for you with events to attend and possibly auctions or sales.

Regarding your mental tasks or skills, there will be challenges to your confidence this month – that could be criticism or a bad review or assessment. You need to acknowledge that whatever was said reflects what you also felt but possible denied. Now you have no excuse not to shore up your approach or improve your methods. These mistakes are part of the learning or refinement process. You should take the best from any criticism and implement it – what you should not do is obsess over it and take it to heart in a way that demoralises you.

Property issues will also rear their head regarding problems with lease agreements or hold ups in sales. Just sit tight, do not panic, and be patient. This is not a good month for gambling, and so make sure you can absorb any losses; if you have never gambled, this is not the time to start.

Aquarius in Love April 2019

This month is a challenging time for relationships as you can experience a block to expressing yourself emotionally. You are a little shy and reserved, which is a bigger problem for young relationships as it can set you back regarding intimacy and sexual involvement.

In new relationships, you will want to take things slowly, and it is the best way; if things go too fast, you could begin to question yourself or see things in a negative light.

You are very aware of yourself and even a little sensitive right now, which could cause you to take small rebuffs or things said in innocence too personally. This is probably not the best month to go out specifically looking for love, i.e., clubbing or pubbing as you are not projecting with enough confidence, and you may not even be in the right frame of mind. This is a time when romance may blossom from an ongoing friendship, especially with someone older or more experienced.

This month, you are more aware of isolation – even in a marriage or family situation where people around you may feel misunderstood or disconnected. On some level, you are accepting that no one, no matter how close can get inside of you and feel what you are feeling. This should not depress you; it should be a spur to looking elsewhere to fill needs – I do not mean as in an affair, I am thinking of artistic or mental outlets which can fill gaps and make you feel complete. It is important not to look to your partner to fulfil all your needs and understand you 100%; there is a part of all of us that is a mystery to others, a part that is unreachable, and a part only the most spiritual union can fully satisfy. Look to fulfil yourself from within with ideas, creativity, and imagination, and that will make a far better relationship than always looking to have every gap filled by your partner.

Aquarius in Career Life April 2019

Financially, this is the month to move on certain key ventures while moving others to the backburner. In your business, you should focus on activities or clients that are short-term quick turnover projects so that you can sure up cash flow. You should spend money on goals that will pay dividends within the next few months and spend less time on projects that will only pay off in the far longer term. You should also focus on finishing and clearing the board; do not put off things which could be finished now and be off the agenda.

This is an excellent month for drawing up short-term goals and action plans as well as budgets to match.

Indecision can be your undoing, and so you need to make up your mind and proceed with determination and commitment. Regarding how you project to others and also in terms of positive thinking, you must believe in what you are doing. Half-hearted attempts or going through the motions will not get results, and you may as well not bother. You need to be thoroughly engaged in what you are doing as half-heartedness will be picked up by your colleagues or even your boss, meaning that they will also lack the required enthusiasm.

This is a very good month for finding new clients, especially if you are in the financial services and also the fashion or beauty industry, and so this would be a good time to advertise or find ways of exposing yourself to potential clients via special offers or endorsements.

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