Cancer in February 2019

Cancer Monthly Horoscope Feb.'19

This month sees a challenge regarding balancing home and family life with career. There is a fast-paced environment at work, and you have to be quite adaptable as some of the events although favourable may occur in unexpected ways, which will require adjustment and fast decisions where instinct is required.

Life at home is also exciting, and things are busy and stimulating; however, although both career and home life are moving in positive directions, both are actually moving against each other and creating obstacles and frustrations. There is a balance to be struck, and in finding this balance, there will be compromises which can feel to you as if things are coming off the rails, and yet in the medium term it will become clear that overall things are working to your favour in both home and work areas.

There will be a changing financial situation, and this may affect alimony, welfare payments, or tax breaks. You may get a raise and yet have to spend more money on your home than you expected. Losses and gains will often even out, but you should make sure you limit any unnecessary spending and move forward with caution.

Your psychological insightfulness is very keen this month, and you can have flashes about the motivations and intentions of others that are quite profound. There is also the prospect of ground-breaking changes in the way you perceive problems in your life – you can gain a new perspective that can dramatically alter your approach to problems and increase your ability to get to grips with these problems, especially if they involve relationships with others (i.e. in business or within day to day dealings). Your awareness of the underlying psychology in situations is keener, and so you are better able to react and change your approach for the better.

Cancer in Love February 2019

For the month of Valentine’s Day, February will prove intense, exciting, and rather nerve-wracking in love.

If you are involved in a messy break up right now, you need to keep any new romances secret; do not flaunt your new relationship or you risk complicating the break up. You should be very restrained when dealing with any expartners, be cordial and diplomatic, no matter what, as this will serve better.

In all relationships, there can be disagreements about how to allocate resources and how to spend, invest, or where to make cutbacks. Views can be entrenched, and both of you need to be more willing to share and also more willing to be transparent. If you do reach an impasse, it may be better for the relationship to have separate accounts.

Changes in attitudes to sex can mean the relationship enters a new phase – you may both decide to experiment, try new techniques, or stop altogether the methods which are not working for you. Changes right now that happen sexually can have positive knock-on effects regarding better communication and understanding and more fulfilment and less tension. So tackle problems in your sex life fearlessly, and either do research or get help – if you are stuck, this is an amazing month to use the romance of Valentine’s Day to become unstuck and to improve sexual communication, leading to a new phase in your intimate life.

This month is one in which Cancerians who have alternate sexual desires feel free to express this and experience a new sexual freedom. It can be a turning point in your sex life, and the future can hold more fulfilment and more ease of expression.

Cancer Career Life Feb.'19

The area of money can hold some surprises this month – there can be money which comes from sources other than your usual income or earnings, and yet there can also be unexpected expenses. Interest on loans may reduce, or you may be able to arrange a better deal or loan arrangement. This is a very good time for arranging finance for career ambitions, i.e., business expansion or perhaps for funding a year off to take a qualification to increase earning potential or career flexibility. Changing forex rates can move both for and against you, and in business, if you trade in other currencies you should look into hedging bets or getting forward contracts to reduce risk. Cancerians who often speculate in currency movements can do very well.

I dislike the term sucking up, but sometimes one needs to oil the relationship with one’s superiors, and this month is an ideal time to improve relations with one’s boss or those in authority. You may be able to seek a favour from someone in authority, i.e., better pay, conditions, or the chance to work on a new team or project. This month is an ideal one for arranging promotional events aimed at the public at large and boosting sales by improving your presence and visibility both online and in terms of more interaction in the local community.

Appearances matter this month, and so in all your work-related contacts you need to pay close attention to presentation, looks, and first impressions. Clothing, manners, and attitude, can set you apart; use your ability to increase cooperation and bring sides together rather than using tactics that are aggressive and confrontational.

February is a strong month for all sales-related activity and also for any business which promotes leisure or fun. However, whatever you sell or promote, you need to use positive tactics; focus on the great things you can do rather than scaring people into using your product or service.

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