Cancer March 2019

Cancer March 2019

Cancer Horoscope March 2019

You can’t get what you want if you don’t know what it is. This month it is important for you to define exact goals both long term and short term and find ways to measure these and decide how far you are progressing. Often there can be disappointment during this phase of Venus Retrograde, but that feeling of disappointment could be unwarranted, and you may be measuring apples against pears – this is why you need more definite goals and goalposts so that you have a realistic idea of how you are getting on. Right now is also the time to ditch goals which do not really matter and which are not true to your values. This month is critical regarding your aims and ambitions – those which are based on a false premise or are formulated to please others or keep a promise will have to fall away, and new ambitions which are true to your core purpose and also identity will take shape.

Expectations are important – you need to develop clear and achievable expectations and then apply positive thinking and develop helpful attitudes around these aims, but one needs to come before another. Do not harbour unrealistic or poorly thought out ambitions and then try positive thinking. All ambitions should ultimately be linked to happiness rather than material goals – what aims bring long-term happiness and which are more about an ephemeral high?

This is a time of self-determination, and your ability to find your own unique way is in your hands. Friends can be more helpful than family and supportive in your achieving goals. Resist being cajoled into doing what others want and do what you feel works for you – there is always a way.

If you have any issues you are tackling from dieting, gambling, alcohol, phobias, postnatal issues, etc., group therapy and group meetings can be very helpful. Meeting and working through problems with people who have similar problems can be far more helpful that struggling alone or speaking to family. You can often rely on the kindness of strangers when in unusual situations.

Working on bucket lists this month can have more wide-reaching effects than just a temporary feeling of fulfilment – it could lead to a major change in your outlook and the way you approach future goals.

Cancer Love March 2019

Independence and headstrong attitudes can test your love relationships. It may be revealing to find out how supportive or unsupportive your partner is of your new ventures and aims, and this may reflect deeper attitudes. You should be patient and allow your partner to come to terms with any changes as a result of the things you are doing within your life – however, if he/she continues to resist and create obstacles, you may just have to ignore their objections and press forward. Good relationships are mutually supportive, and often relationships go through a phase where this assumption is tested – that is what is happening right now.

You are more likely to take decisions unilaterally without consulting your partner; it is better to consult and give them time to adjust. You should also not neglect old obligations, finish what you have started before jetting off in a new direction as this will help you get more support from your partner.

There is responsibility on the home front, and this can weigh heavy, especially as you are in a forward thrusting, self-motivated mood – this may be part of the reason your partner has reservations about your plans and why you should make it clear that you will not neglect any current obligations or responsibilities.

In many relationships, what pulls you together and what you have in common can actually be part of the problem. For example, if you work in the same company, you may find yourself on different sides of an argument or issue, and this may create conflict. Even if you share religious vies, you may differ on a specific issue and that may drive a wedge. Issues with family, for example, where one of his relatives is always clashing with one of yours, making family events awkward or impossible, can come to a head. Home life can be strained, and many unimportant issues can become flashpoints, just because you need to let off steam.

Taking yourselves too seriously is the biggest problem – you both need to be more relaxed, more flexible, and more patient.

Cancer Career March 2019

This month is very good for those in music, the arts or entertainment from the perspective of composition, performance, and being well received by the public. Arts which aim to uplift or convey a universal message can have greater impact.

This month can be highly successful for your promotional or publicity events, especially if you time them well or are tuning into the public mood. This time, it is vital to acknowledge the undercurrents in society and tap into those. Conventional data analysis, market research, and surveys can prove useless, and you will have to look deeper and use unconventional methods to find out what really matters to people and how to access them on an emotional level. Sales, persuasion, and campaigning on a topic needs to be light on facts and heavy on emotional appeal – using body language, mirroring, and eye contact to reach and sway your clients.

There may well be chances to travel regarding your business although you may often travel to pursue an opportunity that is somewhat vague or speculative, and thus the aims of your trip may not be achieved or may yield surprising results.

Writing or publishing on mystical or esoteric subjects can bring you success and help you create a following. If you are in an alternative field, i.e., alternative health practitioner or even a tarot reader, you may need to blog, vlog or use Twitter to get your message out there and create a following.

This month is an ideal time to bring attention to your field (especially if in medicine, diet, etc.) and attract followers who can help you create your brand.

In all areas of work, you need to think of yourself as a brand and do more to create a coherent narrative around yourself, and that means streamlining your social media and professional web pages and LinkedIn. Do not be a wild party animal on Facebook and a serious health care worker on LinkedIn – make sure you stay on message and do not damage one image with another frivolous one. Alternatively, if your main focus is comedy or music, do not alienate fans with your strident political views.

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