Cancer Monthly Horoscope April 2019

cancer april 2019

Cancer April 2019

Word of mouth can be an important way of getting a message out, and yet on the flipside you have to make sure the message is clear and does not get distorted. Be careful not to react to rumours – get the facts and ignore the noise. Communication is a double-edged sword – you can spread a message like wildfire, but you may not get the feedback you were after.

This is a month when things like Twitter spats or Facebook confrontations can get out of control and waste your time; don’t put out information or comment which can boomerang back to you in an unfavourable way. You are keen to exchange information and debate with associates, but you need to be objective and open to other people’s ideas rather than identifying with one point of view and trying to ram it home.

Leadership in group situations can be tricky, and you may find yourself out of step with the view of the group, and you will have to decide whether to represent what they believe or ignore them and force them to go along with you.

You may be perceived as quite eccentric by your peers this month – some of the reason for a clash of ideas is that you tend to be progressive and intuitive and maybe even ahead of your time in your thinking, and you may need to leave others more time to come round to your way of thinking rather than forcing the issue.

You are highly strung and restless this month, and so it is best to plan activities where you are mentally challenged and have freedom to experiment and try out new ideas. This month is less successful for routine and structured work, as you will find this very limiting.

Cancer in Love April 2019

For single Cancerians, love can be exciting and confusing. Sudden romances can arise, often with people who you would not expect to develop feelings for. Romance this month is not always about companionship and the search for meaning, it is more about experimentation, novelty, and getting a buzz. Often sudden intense relationships can develop due to an intellectual or social interest (lovers are often met via church, community or university activities) which you share; these can, however, fizzle out as fast as they began, almost as if the need in you was fulfilled and the relationship has served its purpose. Cancerians are turned on by people who seem radical, inspired, and who shun convention – somehow being with them gives you Dutch courage; you may soon realise that anything permanent with them would be unsuitable.

Romance is also sought as an outlet and an escape from routine and responsibility, a way of recapturing youth. This is why even Cancerians in relationships may flirt or chat online, perhaps even taking it one step further – however, it is that feeling of being risky and stepping away from your usual limits which turns you on more than the other person. This is why you should try and seek this excitement via creative or sporting outlets as if it all unravels it can be very hard to explain.

Cancerians in marriages and stable relationships should look to stoke up fire and create spontaneity within the relationship rather that looking for it elsewhere. This is a good time for surprises, shaking up routines, and being less afraid to suggest new sexual ideas and games.

Cancer in Career Life April 2019

There can be an injection of creativity into work that had become rather dull and lacklustre – so this month you can revive old PR campaigns, old products or get clients excited once again. It is a chance to tackle problems in a new way and often technology can come to your aid. In some cases, you may be the driving force behind the development of a new software or system which can solve a problem for you and also for others.

April is excellent for artistic projects, especially those which have an electronic element, i.e., music production, graphic design, and technical elements of filmmaking.

From the middle of the month (i.e., 15th), things will improve regarding advertising, and any trip you undertake for promotional or business purposes should be pleasant and successful. Prior to this time, these activities can be inefficient in terms of time and energy. From the 15th any activity to do with international trade or the promotion of intercultural cooperation will begin to bear fruit – it is a great time to strike deals and develop relationships that can benefit everyone going forward.

Travel agencies and businesses which promote cultural exchanges and learning can grow, and this is a good time to launch new services, tours, or options.

April works well for all businesses where your customers are at arms’ length and where you never meet the majority of them as they are all over the world and so you rely on publicity, third party referrals, agencies, etc. to spread the word about your work or promote you. In April you can increase your reach and the work done by your agent, etc. is more effective; you may well change agency or promotional company. This is a time to think more about the way you advertise and get more involved in coordinating your ad strategies, i.e., staggering ads or backing up social media blasts with traditional methods.

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