Capricorn May 2019 Predictions

capricorn may 2019

Capricorn May 2019

This is an ideas month when your mind will be flooded with fresh fodder and fuel – you will have greater mental ability to understand difficult subjects, process large amounts of information fast and find solutions to problems.

This is an excellent time for problem-solving regarding work-life balance – you can find new ways to make your life more efficient so that not so many compromises have to be made day to day. New technology can be part of the solution, so can arrangements where you and a neighbour share a babysitter or a younger extended family member who is looking for cash is available to help you out with either childcare or as a work experience candidate in your office.

There can be changes in terms of home life where you take on an au pair or get a new nanny who is more able and who works with your family more effectively. You may also be able to upgrade your computer, buy new equipment or get a faster internet connection so that you can do more of your work from a home office, saving you time spent travelling.

Changes that occur now will jolt you out of self-defeating and unproductive habits and show you that new ways are possible. Any changes that occur suddenly regarding family, your home life or your home itself should be taken as a sign – a sign that improvement and positive adjustment is possible and preferable.

This is definitely a month of solutions more than of confounding problems, and your mind feels alert to possibilities. This is an exciting time, and the events and ideas you are having will add an element of excitement to your life.

Capricorn Love May 2019

This month is very exciting for young Capricorns falling in love or having their first significant relationship – there is both freedom and emotional excitement experienced via love. Young Capricorn may rebel against parents or even culture to find their own identity via love and romance.

This is also a very exciting time for those having their first same-sex relationship after having come out. In many cases, Capricorn who are much older may experience their own sexual awakening and embrace their identity of years of ‘living a lie,’ and this can be rejuvenating.

This month is perfect for moving in with your partner if you have been dating for some time – it is perfect when the Capricorn is moving out from their parental home for the first time.

In marriages, it can be rather hard to generate the excitement the Capricorn desires right now as when you have been together for so long, often you cannot recreate that buzz you got when you were first learning about each other. However, I can see that Capricorn have ample energy, which you are happy to use to stimulate romance once again, and you will be eager to be creative in the bedroom to improve your sex life. In marriages, it is vital to do fun things together rather than drifting apart in a manner where friends become your go to place for fun rather than within the union. The message this month is: if your partner is no longer your best friend, why not?

Capricorn Career May 2019

Your enthusiasm for work is high right now, and you could make many breakthroughs regarding sudden insights into events, spotting trends or finding shortcuts to existing processes. This is an ideal month to implement new technology and expand your knowledge of computers. Whatever your career, you will be more involved with technology at this time and that technology can give you an edge. As an entrepreneur, you may use 3D modelling and simulation programs to better plan and design. It may be that in your industry, technology that was once only available to the big boys is suddenly more inexpensive and accessible, and you can make use of it.

This is a month when Capricorn can get to work on new projects and ideas which will put you ahead of the opposition within six-eight months, and so it is good to plan now for where you want to be in your field or regarding the competition by the end of the year and devise ways to get there.

It is easy to go on tangents as there is so much information coming at you, and you may be fascinated by the possibilities, but you need to narrow down what you really need for your aims this year and focus on that.

This month is an excellent one for those of you who work in green industries, clean energy, campaigning for greener energy or delivering services to help people be more energy efficient in their homes. It is a time of both expansion and greater publicity for you.

For those of you who are in careers where you are sent to work in different financial capitals for experience – this is a month when you may get a placement overseas for a three-month period to train staff or to enhance your own skills. Those of you involved in ultra modern architecture with a green or alternative energy angle can have a very exciting few months starting now.

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