Capricorn Monthly Horoscope April 2019

capricorn april 2019

Capricorn April 2019

Getting down to work can be hard this month as you are prone to get distracted and bored. Try and make sure you have no deadlines or that you do not leave yourself with loads of mundane detailed work or else this month will seem like an uphill battle.

This is a time for a new approach in handling people – it can be a time for giving them one more chance before you call time on the relationship. You are in a frame of mind, where although you have not forgiven, you are willing to give them a second chance or one more chance, and it is just a matter of time before they either prove they have changed or confirm to you that you are totally justified in purging them.

Often this month you will feel that others are holding you back, and while this may be so, in some cases it is you holding yourself back because you are not quite ready to take the leap of faith needed for the next part of your journey. That said, this month could be one where you are psyching yourself up or gearing up mentally and also physically for a challenge ahead.

It may be that you are preparing for a physical challenge, and you are not yet at peak fitness, or you are getting ready for a new phase in your business but feel the time is not ripe yet. It may also be that you are almost ready to get into a serious relationship after many years, but you are just waiting to find the right way to go about it. It is not so much about delaying, but about being in the absolutely right form of mind.

Capricorn in Love April 2019

This is a playful month when interaction with your children or indeed niece and nephews can enhance your marriage and provide some stress relief.

Doing projects with or participating in activities with your children is a positive outlet for you emotionally and has a beneficial knock-on effect regarding love.

For single Capricorn, enjoying life as a single person should come first; if you have an attitude of, “I’ll enjoy myself when I have someone or when I am in love,” you are going forward with the wrong attitude and will not attract a suitable person. Be yourself, love yourself, and start having fun and going out, and soon enough your social circle will expand and with that your chances of meeting someone compatible.

Physical lovemaking is more important than candlelit dinners and romance – you are eager to get on with it. This month is excellent for Capricorn who are with Aries or Leo as spontaneity reigns supreme in your sex life.

Capricorn in Career Life April 2019

You may have to work under a very strict remit, and that can limit your ability to express yourself or do the work in a way you think it should be done. This is the kind of month when your boss wants you to do it one way, and you know from being closer to the action or the clients that it will not work – but can you make the boss listen?

This month, keeping to the rules or routines at work will be onerous, and you will feel quite inhibited. This could be the month when you decide that your job does not possess enough scope for your overall development, and so what you have learned may be very useful, but you may have outgrown the job.

Local travel connected with work can be quite pleasant, and you may even get to experience something out of the routine, i.e., you may visit a client who owns a restaurant and get to meet a celebrity or local official dining there. Often spontaneous meetings in the course of day to day activities can be serendipitous and can provide opportunities for both leisure and pleasure.

This is a month when clients may offer you tickets to events or special promotional products.

Playing second fiddle or taking a back seat can be hard this month, especially for those of you with natural leadership abilities – bide your time, this will not be for long. You need to be disciplined in April, even though it will not come naturally; you are so eager for a chance to take the reins in your own hands.

This month you have to play the role of apprentice, even though you are itching to prove to yourself and your boss/teacher that you have what it takes. You could be bottling up a fair degree of competitive energy, just waiting for that day when you finally take up your role, get that position or get your feet under the table.

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