Gemini Monthly Horoscope April 2019

gemini april 2019

Gemini April 2019

With Mercury retrograde from the 10th of April, there can be both irritation and frustration as you are challenged to fight your corner and defend your choices. Things which normally come easily to you like expressing yourself and striking up conversations can be more tricky as you find yourself misinterpreting the signals others are setting off and hitting the wrong notes.

Some of your most tried and tested modes of behaviour may not be getting you results, and you may need to take a step back and think longer before you respond.

You need to be wary of a certain eagerness to draw conclusions that suit you and impatience in analysing everything on the table. You may be too quick to dismiss what could be of value to you.

More haste less speed is the message this month as you may end up having to do things over again, as you overlooked important details.

You will tend to be fidgety, and nervous tension can affect your memory, or indeed if you play sports, your performance and fluency. You need to focus on your breathing as shallow breathing can exacerbate this problem. This month is ideal in learning more about the link between breathing, relaxation, and your effectiveness mentally, and physically.

Gemini in Love April 2019

This month, there is mutual support in relationships, and there is much to be gained for Gemini in committed relationships as you can draw on that structure for support and encouragement. A problem shared is a problem halved, and in partnerships, your partner will be willing to accept more responsibility to help you get over hurdles.

This month, the most fundamental aspects of the relationship will need work, i.e., raising children, major decisions about where to live or career changes that can affect work life balance for you both. However, with some effort, it is totally possible to find solutions that can accommodate both of your priorities.

This is a serious and also reflective time in relationships; a time to mature and reach a new, more comfortable and secure time in the relationship which can aid both of your confidence and inner peace.

Gemini who are not currently committed will look to move forward on your more informal relationships, making them more committed, and you will be looking to reveal more of yourself. This is not a year when Gemini want to talk about inner feelings, and so when you begin to open up to someone, then you can tell you really care for them.

Gemini in Career Life April 2019

Your mind is quick and alert but not necessarily retentive. You enjoy learning new skills and picking up information or the contact details of those who could enhance your career or business, and yet you lack focus and may end up with loads of new information that is not very useful.

This is an assertive period, and you can do well where you are required to lead or manage a new group of people whom you do not know well. This month is less good for working with groups where you need to establish an emotional connection. If you are in a work situation where you are dealing with people whom you do know well, it can be harder to be assertive as you may feel uncomfortable due to the familiarity. So, where you are promoted to lead a group where you were previously a team member, you may find it difficult and will probably side with the group rather than the person at the top of the authority chain.

This is a time when Gemini who work alone can feel isolated while those who work in a group situation will thrive, and so this favours Gemini who work for big corporations, in teams or as part of a large office.

This month, you work best where you keep your own emotions in check and focus on nurturing or tapping into the emotions and moods of others.

Financially, you should keep to a tight budget this month as being frugal will pay benefits, and you will realise that you can get by quite effectively without additional spending. Often going without means you learn that a particular activity/service was not worth what you were paying anyway.

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