Leo in February 2019

Leo Monthly Horoscope Feb.'19

Unique ideas mark you out this month. You will find unorthodox ways of doing things, and while your ways may initially draw some raised eyebrows, others may soon see the method in your ‘madness’.

You will have many competing priorities, and so part of this month is taken up by crisis management, rushing from place to place prioritising not always successfully as it can be hard to tell which task should come first, second, third, etc. However, you can achieve much, but you need to know when to quit one job and start another, and sometimes perfectionism and the desire to get to an unattainable standard can hold you up or hold you back. The goal this month is knowing which tasks either practically and/or intellectually are your priorities and approaching these with efficiency. Time management is essential.

This month is ideal for learning as you can pick up new skills, and things which you learn will have greater meaning regarding application and career advancement. There can also be eureka moments when things suddenly click mentally and make sense, and this can be very inspiring.

There are grey areas regarding decision making as matters are not black and white either ethically or morally, and you will not have time to dwell or do extensive investigations – you will have to take a broad view, come to a conclusion, and be able to back it up. In many cases, you have to make the best decisions given circumstances and information available; so you should not beat yourself up if not every decision is one that sits easily with you.

Leo in Love February 2019

Issues of loyalty and the perception of loyalty can cause tension in relationships. Often what you feel is morally superior, and the ‘right’ thing to do may (to your surprise) be very different to how your partner feels about things. You will have to accept that sometimes there is no right or wrong, just different ways of seeing things that may be more emotional and rational.

Respect each other’s views without ramming yours down their throat or going overboard in explaining how you feel as they may never understand. You need to be more consistent in your views or desires in relationships as you may be shifting the goalposts, making it hard for your partner to know what to do to please you – you may even seem impossible to please. Do not be hypocritical, and if you do make accusations or complaints, be sure that you are not a person in a glasshouse throwing a stone as often in relationships right now you are blind to some of your faults or where you fall short of the high standards you espouse.

Attitudes in relationships may be highly polarised, and this is not the best month to attempt to get agreement on issues that really matter to you both as emotions are too charged.

In new relationships, try not to come across as over-confident – hold back a little and do not oversell yourself. There can be this need to throw everything into a new relationship – keep something in reserve and do not come on too strong.

A good month for long-distance relationships and those where there is a strong intellectual connection.

Leo Career Life Feb.'19

This month is ideal for planning if you are involved in education, adult education, holding seminars or workshops – get your lecture plans, lessons or demonstrations ready. Remember that learning should inspire not only educate and that when you can relate information to the real world and make it more relevant it sticks in heads more easily. So if you teach in any capacity, remember to also be an entertainer and an intellectual leader who makes your subject come alive.

As there is an emphasis on learning this month, it is a very good time to begin a course or to perhaps change to a new area of study which is more suited to you. In all areas of study, it is best to make sure your aptitude is suited, and you are not a square peg forcing yourself into a round hole. This is a good time to get an aptitude test to help you better understand your options and to inspire you about your ability.

Travel for work-related or sport-related business can be very successful and can give your business good impetus. This is also a good time to drum up trade with new international clients.

One danger is becoming too fanatical in promoting ideas, especially if those are political or cultural – it is good to raise awareness, but nothing alienates more than negative advertising or fear mongering.

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