Leo March 2019

Leo March 2019

Leo Horoscope March 2019

This can seem to be a month where there are disruption and change, so much so that you can miss opportunities. Crisis comes along this month to jolt you onto a better track and force you to reassess core issues which you usually let slide on a daily basis.

Life transitions are highlighted this month – you may initiate a transition or there can be important developments regarding changes you have initiated. This is a month of turning points.

Many changes that happen this month will have a financial knock on and so some budgeting or financial planning is important ahead of this period to ensure you have funds to invest or get by during these changes.

Anxiety tends to be higher this month the less flexible you are, so do not be stubborn, be adaptable and you can reduce stress and get more from this month. You can take back control in situations where the balance of power has shifted away from you – so seize the initiative.

Intuitively you can become more confident in the ability you have to sense situations rather than make logical deductions, and this can help make you more confident in dealing with people who are unpredictable, unstable, or difficult. Reading between the lines and acknowledging hidden undercurrents and motivations is essential to your performance at work and in your personal life.

Leo Love March 2019

Difficulties with in-laws can arise – it can often be to do with their expectations regarding how you live your life. Family interference can cause you and your partner to second guess your choices in terms of lifestyle or the way you bring up your children. It is important to be yourselves and make decisions as a couple in the context of time and place rather than in a cultural or family background setting. There can be complicating issues where one set of grandparents live much further away and thus cannot be as active in the upbringing of the children. There can be a lack of understanding of your respective parents when it comes to the choices you make, and it can be stressful for you to deal with hurt feelings and anger. It can be hard to balance everyone’s needs and keep everyone in the extended family happy.

Inner emotional turmoil can cause single Leo to back off in new relationships – it is not actually about rejecting the new flame, it is more to do with the fact that you feel discombobulated emotionally and that is why you may need some time by yourself. So, it is best in all newer relationships to keep things clear cut and avoid any vague statements or misleading behaviour which can be misinterpreted. Be clear, do not use innuendo – say things directly.

Leo Career March 2019

This month is ideal for tackling finances and is a perfect month for implementing change within your business or restructuring. You can restructure debt, change gearing, apply for loans, crowdfunding or community funding. It is also a good time for doing research regarding new product lines and product development.

You can use the energies this month to shift your focus regarding career and work and perhaps increase the amount of work you do in areas which are of great interest. You may be required to establish a greater proficiency in one particular area of work, and this can lead to some interesting discoveries and possibly to a new direction. Possibly, you will get the chance to develop a skill to a very high level, making you an expert in a field and thus someone who is in demand and that has greater career prospects.

This month is not a good one for promotions, ad campaign or launching new products or enterprising. Put any publicity on hold and limit motivational work events, rather concentrate on the financial and organisational side of the business than marketing.

It is better not to book time off this month as you may end up taking so much work with you, you get no rest, or you may be bothered by calls throughout the holiday.

If you travel for work, do not mix business and pleasure.

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