Leo Monthly Horoscope April 2019

leo april 2019

Leo April 2019

Decisions, decisions, decisions – it is make your mind up time this month, and yet it can be more complicated than expected. From the 10th when Mercury turns retrograde, and suddenly instead of sending off that proposal, making that application or finalising a deal, you may find yourself having to go back over the details, re-writing some elements or throwing the whole thing in the bin and starting again. There are hiccoughs and U-Turns regarding your plans for the next few months, and it is back to the drawing board to refine and perfect. Sometimes months like that happen to make you realise that what you thought was adequate actually was not your best and a second stab at something is needed.

There is a great need for discipline, especially for creative work, whether that is hobby, leisure or work-related. Take control over the way you approach your artistic work and be less haphazard. It could be time to be more businesslike about your hobbies – often hobbies are so important to selfactualisation and expression that they deserve more time and more seriousness to get more from the process and achieve your ambitions in that direction. So have a schedule, devote more time, enter competitions or attend workshops – be more daring in the way you develop your artistic talents.

You never know – you can turn hobbies into business opportunities, but you need to be more serious. Take your talents seriously this month!

Confidence and self-esteem can take a knock this month – this is merely a call for you to handle yourself in a slightly different way and should be seen as an opportunity improvement, especially in the way you deal with those in authority or conduct yourself in the public arena. Words are powerful, and so make sure you use them in a way that drives the point home without opening the door for you to be criticised. Stay on message, and do not be drawn into arguments or debates that are not central to the issue. Distractions can often cause you to go off on a tangent and miss opportunities to reach an audience.

Leo in Love April 2019

Criticism in love can hurt this month, and yet you should pay attention to it as it may be meant more kindly than you have perceived it – so do not let a small rebuff turn into a cold war. The danger this month is that fairly banal or mundane comments can give rise to reactions that are disproportionate and which damage the love vibe – you have the power here, your reactions if measured and balanced can rescue any situation and take things forward. However, if you throw the baby out with the bathwater, it can be hard work to get things back to where they were.

In all love matters, take a deep breath, breathe, and count to 20 or maybe even 50.

It can often be that what hits a nerve is when you hear your own fears or insecurities echoed back at you via things your partner says – it is then that you see red. What you may be missing is that they are trying to help you not be critical for criticism’s case.

In marriages and also in new relationships, children can create obstacles, and this is especially true for blended families with step-children and also where couples get together later in life and have to split time between romance and other commitments. However, there are so many positives to be gained for you and the children if you can create stability and consistency in your approach to them, being firm but wise in your handling of their fears and issues.

A common approach to even vexing problems to do with children can help all couples focus energy and come together as a team.

Leo in Career Life April 2019

In terms of work, you have to put a second coat on your project or re-ice the cake so to speak – this may be a month when you re-do work or have to add to your existing body of work due to new information or changing circumstances and so just when you think one thing is over, it is not quite over yet.

Polish up your presentation, and if you are in any situation where you need to be Au fait with facts and figures, make double sure you remember the figures, quote them properly, and have them reordered accurately in the beginning. If you want to quote anyone or make a point, especially publically, i.e., via your blog or Twitter, get your facts straight to avoid an embarrassing rebound. Poor preparation or speaking out of turn often leads to awkward situations and having to eat your words, and so choose your words carefully in the first place.

Often in work, you may have to deal with the way your profession is stigmatised or maligned possibly in the media. For example, politicians, lawyers, estate agents, and even astrologers often get a hard time – this month, it is time for us to fight stereotypes related to our professions and educate people about the positives by being more visible. So you need to show how you are the politician that puts his/her money where his mouth is; the accountant that is dynamic not boring, the lawyer who cares, the used car salesman that you can trust and the astrologer who is straight talking. Often you can actually use a stereotype associated with your profession as a launch pad for ads or copy that uses wit to debunk myths about what you do.

Ethical and legal matters to do with children can come to the fore this month, and so in any career where you look after children, educate them, or deal with them in a social work capacity, be sure to stay within the framework at all times as there can be this tendency to take matters into your own hands and although you may be well meaning, you should still be cautious.

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