Libra May 2019 Predictions

libra may 2019

Libra May 2019

This is a very good month for concerted efforts into long-term goals. This said, it is ideal for study, completion of academic papers, writing reports for industry or advanced study.

It is very important to be mentally active this month; even if you are off work or working in a job which is more manual or physical and less mental; you will feel the need to challenge your mind and read mind-stretching books; learn a language or try out a game like chess. You can gain great satisfaction from study right now, although you could become a sudden expert putting off some friends by being too opinionated with newly acquired knowledge.

Mental games from crosswords to Sudoko can act as very good stress relief and are ideal for times when you are waiting anxiously or stuck on public transport, which could happen often this month.

Decisions this month are more difficult as they tend to be complex, multifaceted and will affect not only you but others you care about. Choices made often exhibit a trade-off between short-term and longer terms goals, and so you have to be very clear about the longer term impact of what you decide.

You may need to help out a sibling, but you may need to exhibit some tough love – it is not about only offering help and sympathy, it is about being a wise and restraining influence. In some cases, you may decide that distancing yourself from a sibling is the only way to get them to own up to a problem.

This month asks you the question; how hard are you prepared to work for what you want, and how tenacious are you on pursuing goals. If you are not willing to back up your plans with detailed plans, consistent effort and willingness to go back to the drawing board, adjust and regroup, then maybe you do not want it badly enough.

Your ideas and beliefs will be challenged and tested – you will find that others think your truth is rubbish, and so get ready to fight your corner and show how much you really do believe what you do. But do not let anyone censor you – you have a right to your beliefs.

You need to make sure your words and deeds are aligned this month, or you may be accused of hypocrisy or double standards, and guard against this.

Libra Love May 2019

This month is a very good one for all relationships which are based on strong moral and religious values. Even arranged marriages that happen now (or the introductions) can work out well with a strong love trust and bond developing. Love affairs that begin via connections in the church, mosque, or temple are favoured.

May is ideal for reaffirming vows; it is also an excellent month for couples who have been together for many years to finally tie the knot, especially if you do it on a trip of a lifetime.

Spiritual values matter to you in relationships, and those marriages which are founded on strong moral or religious values will thrive and can weather storms with love getting stronger. This is a tougher month for those relationships in which you both come from different religions or where one has a very different moral code. In these mixed religion/mixed value relationships, you will have to work harder to find common ground, especially in connection with bringing up the children, which can be a big bone of contention.

Librans have been attracting partners who are very different as that has been seen as exciting and daring, but those relationships are now having teething problems as there is perhaps no common ground on philosophical and moral issues – indeed, your sets of parents may also clash on these grounds.

This is a month when many Librans may convert to their partner’s religion or even become vegan to please them – however, if you do make such a change, be sure your heart is in it or it may cause resentment.

Libra Career May 2019

Avoidance is not a good strategy right now; things need to be tackled systematically and patiently as results will often not come as fast as you would have like. Legal battles can be common right now, and negotiations over contracts are slow and frustrating. Every day issues can irritate you more than usual, and you can be abrupt and short tempered with colleagues.

It can be hard to get financial support for your ideas this month – however, this trend will not last all year and so you should not be discouraged.

In work situations feet dragging and lack of cooperation or support can make your life more difficult – you may face resistance to your ideas, and you may have to tone them down or make them more robust or even more conservative to get them accepted. This is not the best month to push radical plans or reform ahead as there are vested interests that are lining up against you.

This is not a good month for investment as your instincts are off, and your timing is also likely not to be fortunate. You should exercise care in the choice of associates as you are a little vulnerable to being swindled.

You are highly individualistic this month, and while you can feel out of step with your colleagues or even with the prevailing trends in your industry, you may actually be seeing something they are missing, and you may escape the folly of the masses via your foresight or vision.

You could participate in industrial action as the initiator (and not get much support), or you could be the odd one out in NOT signing up to the action. Just because you are in a minority of one, you can still be right, and that is something to keep in mind this month.

Protecting intellectual property, artistic rights or copyright is vital this month. Be careful when applying for patents that all your information is submitted in full and complete.

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