Libra Monthly Horoscope April 2019

libra april 2019

Libra April 2019

You are inclined to be secretive and play your cards close to your chest this month. You will draw up plans in secret and hold out on full disclosure.

You need to be careful that you do not hold back information which can later be tracked back to a specific date and thus bring your judgment in sitting on it into question. Sometimes you get to find out something, and you hold back on letting others know to either gain an advantage or protect someone’s feelings; however, once you do release the information, it often comes to light that you knew all along, and even if you had the best intentions, you could have some explaining to do.

There is quite a bit of tension this month, and you are taking life seriously; it is not a time of taking things with a pinch of salt. You will take decisions seriously and will dwell over the facts for many days before reaching a conclusion. Rest is important this month, and your digestion can suffer due to worry and stress. You are inclined to be pessimistic, which is not like you at all, and so do not take these cautious and often pessimistic thoughts too seriously; it is a phase.

This is an excellent month for in-depth work involving technical detail – you can concentrate and knuckle down to grind through work that at other times you would find highly laborious. You will be very pleased with what you achieve by month end, even if you do have quite a few moans and grumbles as you go along.

More is more in April – more work and more play, you are having a full schedule of activity. This is a very social time when you are mixing with a variety of social groups and nationalities. Even though you are highly industrious, dedicated to work and willing to work long hours, you will not compromise on fun, especially when it involves going out with your partner.

Libra in Love April 2019

This is one of the best months of the year for romance: you could literally be swept off your feet or have a whirlwind romance. Love is exciting and inspiring and can invigorate you and make you feel young again. Love affairs happen spontaneously and often spring from unusual situations; you will tend to be less conservative and more adventurous in love. You may fall for someone free spirited with whom you can let your hair down and take flights of fantasy.

This can be a month when you try new methods of meeting people, or it may be that changes in your work situation mean you are brought into contact with very creative or innovative types, who are the precise kind of person you are into right now.

In established relationships, this is a time when the relationship is more dynamic and when you have the opportunity to challenge the status quo with less resistance – you are both open to criticism and ideas about how to improve sex life, cooperation or your social life as a couple. This month you should have fewer problems with a stubborn partner.

Love and your intimate life are a key focus this month, and it can be a good time for marriage guidance counselling as you have a constructive approach and it is a good time to make a clean breast of things.

Libra in Career Life April 2019

Client confidentiality and dealing with classified information is crucial. You need to keep detailed records as it may be necessary to trace back your steps and prove what was done when. This month is one of those slightly annoying ones where you find yourself looking for a lost folder or missing piece of information or receipt. Much time can be lost retracing your steps to find out what went wrong, and it can be the career version of unravelling a terrible knot in a long piece of string.

In research or policing it can be hard to make sense of what is before you: facts will be in conflict, and nothing will make sense; you need to mull over things and take your time to draw conclusions.

Applications for loans, grants could be delayed, and you may have to resubmit forms or supply more information – keep copies of everything in case the bank loses them. This month it is vital to send important papers registered or get witnesses to back up any discussion or argument – you need to have proof, and so do not make a move without knowing you have a recording or witness.

This month is frustrating for those who work with financial transactions and in accounting as quality information is hard to come by and you will have to dig and be investigative especially when it comes to property, probate, taxes and possible money laundering.

Teamwork, especially in jobs that involve sports, coaching is both hard work and also very rewarding – your man-management skills will be pushed to the limit, but you can get more out of your players. This month the whole is often worth more than the sum of the parts and the difference is you and your ability to get the best out of people and motivate and enthuse.

Improved working conditions, i.e., better facilities, a new canteen, modern furnishings or new offices that are better air conditioned or in better locations can facilitate work life and improve morale and cooperation at work.

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