Pisces May 2019 Predictions

pisces horoscope may 2019

Pisces May 2019

You may feel the need to defend yourself this month by backing up your ideas and reiterating your values. You have this feeling you need to justify yourself, and this stems from your newfound opinions on many things, as a result of your altering perspectives, and you may want to explain yourself.

However, you will naturally gravitate away from friends who are not accepting of your new direction, and you will gain more satisfaction from new contacts who share your perspectives.

This is an excellent month for fundraising, and so if you are organising a fete, calling for donations on your website, doing a garage sale or something more high tech, you can have great success in stimulating interest in your cause or campaign and drumming up money.

You are highly energised this month, and that makes it a great time to do a push regarding work or extra input on goals you are involved in. You are very restless and can become quite nervy if you do not have an outlet. It is good to plan both work-related and social activities for May as you have both the drive and desire for a varied array of experiences and also challenges.

This is a month when you want to be challenged, and you are more experimental than usual, which can result in some exciting opportunities popping out of thin air.

At times, you may act rashly this month as you have so much energy and you feel rather expressive; you will not take well to routine or regimented work. When suppressed or restricted, you will be at your most unpredictable and erratic – in many ways, this month is like the little bit of gunpowder you need to blow away limiting circumstances in your life.

If you are the type of person who thrives with their back against the wall, this month is for you.

Pisces Love May 2019

Your desire to assert your freedom and kick away limitations, in addition to this need for new experiences can disrupt your relationships. Relationships need flexibility and perhaps some new rules. While relationships are dynamic, they very often get caught in ruts where change becomes the enemy; this month, you have the opportunity for shaking things up with your partner and looking at some old problems anew. This is a chance for a reevaluation of your differences, your bones of contention and sexual issues, and a chance to see these in a new light. Suddenly, you are beginning to see that there are solutions and paths forward, which can bring a new vitality to your love and sex life.

Change should not be seen as a dirty word in relationships; the worst thing you can do this month is cling to old attitudes and stubborn mindsets – the planets are giving you the chance to re-write the script and change direction in your love life.

New relationships which begin now are often related to the causes or activities you are passionate about. Pisces can be attracted to dare devils and the traditional bad, mad, and dangerous to know genre of lover. You are seeking excitement, and that can be expressed in your choice of a rather radical or outrageous partner – the relationship may not last very long, but it will fulfil this need you have to be jolted out of complacency and even convention.

Pisces Career May 2019

Negotiations regarding property or money are common this month, especially when in connection with engineering or scientific projects. This is a wonderful month for Pisces inventers as you will have creative impetus and can also get funding.

This month, you may move to a commission based means of income or to a new job where a large part of your income is performance based. You are likely to feel highly motivated by an incentive scheme and will work hard and fast – this is a very busy and productive month. This is also a perfect time for entering a contest, especially if it is to do with invention, technology, or product improvement or development.

Many of you may start working on a second job while still staying in your current job to eventually develop this second job into a full-time venture. So this is the perfect time to start working on ideas you have for a start-up business and developing these while still maintaining the safety and security of your current position.

Extra effort pays off, and this can be from your second job taking off or because an incentive scheme is highly motivating for you. Money comes in fast this month, and you should set it aside in a fund for future investment as the inclination is to spend it as fast as it comes in.

You may do pro bono work this month in a desire to do a public service or because you are acting according to your conscience. If you are unemployed or a student, you may take on a position working for a limited period for free to prove yourself – this can be an excellent strategy at this time and can put you ahead of the others by demonstrating your strong desire to have the job. All told, this is a great month for earning money and improving your employment position.

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