Sagittarius in February 2019

Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope Feb.'19

This month, some of your ideas and beliefs will come under fire from others, and you will have to defend them. It is often a time when politics divide households or disrupts friendships in your wider circle. This can be quite distressing, and you can be called to choose between biting your lip and having your say, which can be a hard choice as you will no doubt be of a mind to have strong opinions. Even lifestyle choices you make for yourself, or your children can cause consternation and disagreement with in-laws and your parents.

Sagittarians need to accept more emotional feedback this month to review which of your plans are workable and which are not. It is a month where you will have to admit that some of your ideals or ideas (no matter how wellmeaning) may not be practical, and you could have to compromise. You need to strike that balance between doing things exactly as you want to and finding a second way which is more achievable and arouses less opposition while still staying true to your general ideals.

Not everyone who is against your ideas is doing that to spite you; they may want to help you, and you are taking their criticism too personally. Advice is not an attack. The hard thing this month is knowing what advice to take and which to ignore. Some friends will have your back and can offer you wise and helpful advice; however, there are some friends who are really not with you or happy for you to follow your dreams, and they can act as Debbie Downers. It is up to you to decide which friends are acting out of genuine concern for you and which are trying to steer you off course for their own selfish motivations.

This is a busy month which will see you taking many short trips. You may have work or study commitments that require more commuting than usual and perhaps to different locations.

There is much to do and much to learn, and you will need to be alert and adaptable. This is not the month to be stubborn or dig heels in, you have to keep things moving and resist any emotional or mental attitudes that cause blockages or stand-offs. Drop it and move on; if something is problematic, come back to it; keep the momentum going.

Sagittarius in Love February 2019

This is a good month for communication in relationships. Mental stimulation matters to you in general, but even more so right now, and so relationships where there is much chatting and many shared interests will go well, and problems will be quickly smoothed over. Sagittarians will be the initiators for trips, new books to read or films to watch all aimed at increasing the togetherness and the fun factor in your relationship.

This is an excellent month for new relationships; Sagittarians are in the mood for romance and are in a happy, affectionate, and expressive mood.

Sagittarians are feeling happy within themselves, and no matter where you are in life, this month you will have improved self-esteem and confidence, which aids all relationships regarding sex and affection. Sagittarians who are single will tend to meet new potential lovers via your hobbies and artistic interests, and so this is a perfect month for spending time and money attending events, openings, theatre trips or sporting events. In fact, supporting sports or participating in sports can be an ideal way to meet a new mate. Happiness within radiates out and brings towards you the right kind of romantic experience, and that is why this is a very good month for love.

Sagittarius Career Life Feb.'19

It is very important this month to have the full facts before making decisions; it is also important to pay attention to the details. Sagittarians are inclined to be so focused on and also emotionally attached to certain goals that you neglect to look at details and also logistics. There is also this tendency to ignore what you do not wish to deal with or think about; this can give you a false sense that everything is going well. However, these little ignored and then forgotten details can crop up later to trip you up.

You have a great deal of restlessness and also impatience this month, and that can cause you to be very blunt and to neglect honing your diplomacy when working with others. It is almost like you do not have time for niceties, but again, these niceties may be a necessary evil (Sagittarians love to be honest). Spend more time networking, feeling people out, sensing who your allies are, and who you can work with before you surge forward.

Listening properly is also vital – often you hear what you assume you should be hearing rather than what is being said. This can mean you misinterpret the situation or get instructions all wrong. More haste, less speed; listen and make sure you understand before you go ahead or else you may have to do things twice.

On a more productive note, you are likely to be able to see the bigger picture and the broader ideals behind what you and the team are doing, and thus you are able to motivate and inspire your team by keeping their eye on the ball regarding the vision.

This is an excellent month for creative projects as you will have both inspiration and the confidence in your ideas to begin flushing them out and getting them into concrete form.

Take ideas and start turning them into realities this month by doing market research, logistical planning, and data analysis. This is a very good month to do surveys, polls, or compile data to help with business plans.

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