Sagittarius May 2019 Predictions

sagittarius may 2019

Sagittarius May 2019

Another great month for expressing ideas, opinions, and being bold about what you stand for. You can get attention and recognition regarding peers and at work as being the person who has the information at their fingertips or who is an opinion leader.

You are very good at explaining yourself, and that aids you in getting support or at the very least at lessening opposition.

There is a degree of tension this month, and this can be used to your advantage in situations where you need an adrenalin surge and to be really geed up. However, in day to day life when you need to work in a calm and consistent way, you may find you get quite irritable and people really push your buttons. You need a certain amount of drama and also confrontation to get the most out of yourself in May. That is why this month is good for competitive situations, especially where it is one on one – you versus the opposition. This is a good time to have a full and frank exchange with a person or representative of an organisation with whom you have a dispute, i.e., unfair parking fine; making a complaint about service, a dispute about a faulty product, noisy neighbour. If you need to give someone a piece of your mind, this is the time to do it – you are not only fired up, you are rather eloquent, and so you should be able to find the right words as well as the powerful delivery you need.

This is not a month when Sagittarius will put up and shut up – if someone crosses you, they will get to know about it, and they will soon back off.

Sagittarius Love May 2019

Sagittarians have energy right now, and that means sexual energy as well. You are likely to get angry with and also sexually aroused by your partner in equal measure. Some arguments may well be about sexual frustration. May is all about boundaries in relationships and also sexual fulfilment. Sagittarians will need space and some freedom, and they will be less easygoing in May due to a general lack of patience. You cannot live in each other’s pockets or even try and get agreement on key issues right now, and you are both likely to get confrontational. It is a good month for you to pursue separate interests and hobbies and have a healthy amount of space.

I can see that Sagittarians may start pushing the buttons of their partners to provoke a reaction. It could be that you need an argument to clear the air or maybe you just need a good barney for the passion and feeling it generates.

Sometimes arguments are very revealing: does the person turn nasty? Do you see a side of them you really dislike when they get angry? How forgiving is the person afterwards, or do they hold a grudge? There are so many questions that arguments can answer, especially if we are newly with a partner. Even in an established relationship, things may come out when you are both angry – things you would normally avoid but which are best out in the open where they can be confronted honestly.

Confrontation and even angry exchanges are key elements of the relationship dynamic; they can help restore passion, create boundaries, establish deeper understanding, and in the case of new relationships, flag up potential problem areas.

Sagittarius Career May 2019

You are mentally active this month, and while you are clear thinking and full of ideas, you are not necessarily productive as your mind will keep shifting to light-hearted matters or perhaps drifting to Facebook or the sports scores or even porn instead of work. This is not the best month for admin, detailed or highly complex work; it is far better for those of you who work creatively and can explore mentally as you do your work. Work needs to offer a chance to utilise the imagination this month. Those who work in business or even stocks and shares can use their imagination to dream up new opportunities or ways of working, and this can thus be an inspiring month. If you work in a very structured environment where you conduct routine work that does not allow much input or creativity, you can feel very bored, and you may chat, flirt, or look for distractions.

Sagittarians who work for themselves will use this month to put their own personal stamp on their work – this may not even be to do with the actual work; you may differentiate yourself via supplementary services or customer service you offer, value for money or convenience.

In business, you should work hard at branding – branding used to be for Coca-Cola and the Beckhams, but now it is for anyone with a Facebook page or Twitter account as you can use these social media sites to become the known go-to person in your town for your service. Think about your slogans, your logo and the image you want to put out. In all marketing, remember that what is simple works best, and you should not be obscure or vague – use one syllable words and identify who you are aiming at.

Use your imagination in all your work, no matter what you do; do it with panache and be yourself. Often being you is the best tool in your armoury – do not forget that.

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