Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope April 2019

sagittarius april 2019

Sagittarius April 2019

This month is one of freedom of expression. You will feel more able to be yourself and not tied to the usual constraints. You could be eccentric, erratic, or unpredictable, but it will feel good. This is the month to throw away convention and embrace what is novel.

Even if you are a technophobe, this is definitely the time to incorporate more hardware, software, and technology into your life. You may upgrade phones, cameras, or computers, and you will be more inclined to go for advanced models or challenging new computer operating programs to allow you to either speed up your chores or try more challenging projects. It is a time when you can catch on quickly and learn fast, and the learning will be fun and rather exciting. Sagittarians are good at seeing the possibilities in even mundane or everyday applications.

While this is an exciting month, you have to watch out for frustration as you are impatient and not always able to sit back and wait for results. This is a month where you cannot speed the kettle up by watching it. The other problem is that you are inclined to keep tinkering with things rather than just waiting to see how it goes and then making adjustments. You are also likely to keep moving your own goalposts and then wondering why you have not achieved as much as you want.

You have a great deal of energy this month, and physical outlets are vital – you should use this month to visit the gym, pick up your training or increase physical activity. Things like horse riding, hiking, cross country running, climbing and other challenging adventure sports are ideal outlets. Getting away from the city, from other people and closer to nature is rejuvenating.

Sagittarius in Love April 2019

Sex toys and gadgets if used in the right way can enhance sex life, and so shopping online or in person preferably with your partner for these toys can add excitement and an element of novelty into your sex life.

You are rather unpredictable this month, and your partner will need to go with the flow. This is a time to inject relationships with a renewed spontaneity; if you have felt in a rut, April is the time to change attitudes and approaches and also routines so that you feel less stuck. Often routines that once provided security can become shackles that stifle expression, and so one needs to keep reevaluating relationships and seeing what works and what doesn’t. People change, and relationships need to adapt; this is the month when Sagittarius can see where that change needs to be made, and they can initiate.

Excitement is important to all of us, and what with social media and technology, it can be easy to look for that excitement away from the relationship. It is very easy to ignore your partner and focus on your phone, your cyber connections or even political debates (which somehow seem more interesting and relevant than even in 2018/2019), and this can happen in new and older relationships. You need to be more present in your relationship and not to neglect good old-fashioned conversation and joint activities. Leave the phone in another room, turn off the laptop, and focus on each other exclusively.

Sagittarians need to remember that cyber flirting is often a slippery slope – it seems so innocent and yet can turn complicated and very hurtful to the other person fast. Do not start anything (even innocently) without thinking about where it may go.

Sagittarius in Career Life April 2019

A very busy time at work, and you will have to co-operate and lead, and it can be a delicate balance of stepping from being a team member one minute to taking charge the next. Leadership can be a poisoned chalice this month as when you take a decision you will not keep everyone happy (that’s just life), but since you also have to alternate leadership with team playing, decisions you make as leader make it hard to be unifying as a team player. It is important to communicate well, explain your decision, and keep reminding everyone that it is the end goal that matters, and everyone should focus on that.

This is a much easier month for those who are self-employed or who work alone; with much autonomy, you can get a great deal of work done and exceed targets. You are highly productive and organised, and the only danger is that you may work too hard.

This is an excellent month for those who work in technology, especially that to do with audio production, podcasting, video editing or electronic forms of music. This strongly favours those Sagittarians who are amateur broadcasters or artists who use independent publishing or broadcasting methods.

Even if your work is in languages or if you work outdoors or have a very hands on job, you should not underestimate the way technology can help improve your efficiency regarding modelling, graphics, or editing. Embrace technology whatever work you do; it can be your friend.

This year is a wonderful one for Sagittarians who innovate regarding the art world or the sciences, and this month is especially productive for generating ideas, working on the technical aspects of your invention, fine tuning, and then releasing. The more original, the better. Whatever career you are in, you have a chance this month to break new ground and try things that have never be tried before. You may volunteer to be a guinea pig or participate in research, or you may be an early adopter of new technology if not an inventor yourself.

Your invention does not need to be reinventing the wheel; it can be a nuance on an existing idea or bit of software which improves the functionality and usefulness.

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