Scorpio March 2019

scorpio march 2019

Scorpio Horoscope March 2019

Self-expression this month is vital, and that makes this an important time for personal goals and engaging in activities that fulfil you and allow you to be yourself and take centre stage.

There is a desire to engage in new sports or creative activities to broaden out your life and increase contact with others and discover parts of yourself that have long been suppressed or hidden. This is an excellent time for those who have felt inhibited or held back as suddenly you feel more assertive and confident. You can act in ways that are true to yourself, and you may get the chance within your work to explore your ideas and take more control of projects so that you can put your personal stamp on them. This is definitely the start of making your mark on the world.

This is a month of pleasure, and you are likely to attend events, social occasions or grand openings. You will want to have a good time and feel young again. In many cases, you will enjoy these events with your children.

You may travel to new places for short holidays; it is likely you will visit places like Disneyland, Vegas, Dubai, or other pleasure playgrounds with a huge variety of activities to offer.

Scorpio Love March 2019

Romantic relationships that foster your own self-development and encourage a flowering of your personality will do very well; while relationships where you feel stifled or restrained by your partner will suffer, and you will feel the need to rebel.

New relationships can play a key role in building your confidence and expanding your horizons. The sexual side of relationships becomes more important as you feel increasingly physically attracted to your new partner.

New relationships will bring out the best in you, and even if you have suffered from self-esteem issues, you can become more self-assured, and that includes sexually.

I did say that sex life is not key to this year; it is, however, key to this month when your sexual desires are powerful. You tend to be passionate and dramatic in love and even arguments are rather beneficial as they can clear the air and even pave the way to some excellent sex.

Emotions run high this month, and interaction can be intense – which is why you need to alternate time together with time when you go your separate ways to have a little breather. While you crave the stability, it is actually the dynamic nature of your relationship which brings more satisfaction.

Scorpio Career March 2019

Scorpio are ready to take the limelight, and this month is an excellent time for all performers and artists who are launching projects or promoting themselves. This favours creative pursuits and also those creative projects which rely heavily on technology, i.e., graphic design, music production, film editing, etc.

Development of ideas is a key part of this month; not all ideas have to be creative in nature, they can be in terms of business plans, marketing strategies, investment options – whatever they are you need to flush them out this month and get them ready to take to the next level.

Scorpio are happy to task risks artistically – you will take some gambles and see if you can pull it off and make it work. Scorpio have a daredevil attitude, and you will back yourself to pull off more daring challenges at work and personally. You have a nothing to lose attitude and win or lose, you will gain by the experience.

Work with children is very rewarding, and great progress can be made. This month is great for teachers, paediatricians, social workers, and any person who works with children as you can establish a rapport which will aid you in understanding the child/children and addressing their problems or issues with sensitivity and effectiveness.

A great month for Scorpio seeking patents for inventions and also for branding of your products, trade name or indeed yourself as a personality.

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