Scorpio May 2019 Predictions

scorpio may 2019

Scorpio May 2019

You can be extremely persuasive this month – unlike last month, you are better at tapping into the mood music and playing to it. Scorpio are known for being manipulative, and although that may seem a negative work, it can be a key life skill, and you will be using it this month especially in business and competitive situations.

It is a very good month for mass communications – that means communicating with people way beyond your social or work circle to reach people you have never even met – your YouTube video or Facebook post may go viral. It is a time when you can gain attention by being controversial. Scorpio may use this month to push important issues often ignored, i.e., homelessness, social decay or corruption.

Your many interesting ideas will attract new friends and also colleagues who will want to work with you. Scorpio may come into possession of secret information this month, and you could sit on it a while waiting to decide what to do, i.e., you may discover a colleague being dishonest, financial irregularities, or even that a friend’s partner is cheating. Deciding what to do can be hard as there are many complications and factors to consider. As long as you think it through, you will make a just decision. You should keep your own counsel – beware of talking about this situation to others who are involved.

Scorpio Love May 2019

This month is best for couples who work together, i.e., in a small business or in the same type of job. You will have much to discuss about your work and developments in your industry, and this fosters good communication and can bring you together, despite any other differences.

Like the above paragraph, this is also a very good month for new relationships which begin in offices or workplaces. Scorpio are excited about and immersed in their work this month, and so it flows that the more your partner understands your work and supports you in it or even shares that interest, the better the relationship will go. New romances will start with a solid base of shared values and interests as reflected in the line of work you have chosen.

This is a more challenging month for Scorpio who have partners who are very different, i.e., the opposites attract syndrome. In these relationships, fostering understanding takes quite a bit of energy and compromise as the differences can seem greater than that which binds you this month.

Arguments are likely about the joint bank account and where to spend and where to save – you will both fight for what you want, and it can get heated.

Sexually, this month can be very exciting, but the sex is not necessarily spontaneous – it is more about planning the time, getting the kids babysitters, and setting up a conducive space for romance and sex to flourish. Sex needs forethought, and it also needs some delicacy regarding expressing what you need and what you would prefer. You need to relax before sex as you are both very tense, and this can affect performance – so take your time to get into the groove with food, wine, music, etc.

Scorpio Career May 2019

This month is one where Scorpio who work as war correspondents, press officers for defence ministries, the military or aerospace industries can come into the limelight. It is a very important month for all of you who work in communication to report with great integrity as what you print or publish can have wide ramifications.

This is also a very exciting time for Scorpio who are travelling to conventions to go with green energy, science, or archaeology – you may travel to report on or further investigate a new discovery.

Scorpio who work in any forensic capacity from medicine to accounting can have very interesting work and possibly the chance to testify or write important reports.

This is also an important month for work on pathology, i.e., development of vaccines, antidotes, and natural therapies.

This month is a superb one for Scorpio studying psychology or anthropology (and completing papers) or who are practising. Your insights into the human condition and fundamental causes of depression or mental issues can be quite remarkable, and you could become very well known in your sphere.

Travel for work this month could mean travel to places which are dangerous, crime-ridden, or in decay – this can be a fascinating or enlightening experience. Your trips this month (even if short) will not be mundane; they will contain vital gems of information that can inform your work or stimulate your imagination.

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