Scorpio Monthly Horoscope April 2019

scorpio april 2019

Scorpio April 2019

This month can be one that is filled with annoyances and irritations when it comes to other people. You may rub people up the wrong way with your opinions and visa versa – so I suggest staying away from Twitter or Facebook discussions where you will end up arguing and wasting your own time. This is a month when it is not easy to change the minds of others, no matter how hard you try. In some cases, it is best not to bother, but if there is much at stake and you feel you must try and influence someone (like a child or colleague), then you need to change your approach – do not act in a confrontational way, try and bring them around to your way of thinking slowly.

This is a very active time mentally, and you can get much work done, although the mantra is more haste less speed as you will tend to rush things as you are impatient. So take a little more time as details matter. Cultivate more self-discipline, and make sure you finish one thing before jumping to the next.

In physical situations, there is a tendency to over-extend yourself, so make sure that you do stay within your limits and build up slowly rather than hitting the ground running.

Care should be take when travelling, and this is not a good time to risk being on the phone while driving as you could get a fine.

There is a high degree of energy available to you this month, and while this can be used to make progress, initiate action and tackle problems successfully, it can also lead to confrontations and stress – so to harness the positive, you have to focus on anger constructively and pick your battles carefully, avoiding no-win arguments and conflicts. Know when to walk away.

Scorpio in Love April 2019

It is very important not to make assumptions about your partner or your relationship and then act on those as if they are factual. You can get so convinced that your view is correct that you forget to have a discussion and talk it through, and you go right on acting according to these assumptions rather than to reality. This can be very confusing and frustrating to your partner, as in a way they are not getting the right of reply – you are acting as judge, jury, and prosecutor without a key witness.

So, before you jump to conclusions, get all the information you need and allow your partner a right of reply and hear him/her out. Air grievances, but do concentrate on central issues rather than letting tempers flare over peripheral issues.

This is a very good time for rebalancing relationships – if you feel that you are either not appreciated, listened to or respected, this is your time to put your foot down and say, “Hey, what about me!” It is also a good time to get things back to 50:50 regarding work put into the relationship – it’s a two-way street, not a one-way highway.

Forgiveness on your part can ensure that progress is made and you do not get stuck in an unproductive stalemate; nothing can be gained from stubbornness right now, and so set grievances aside and move on. Things can work out, but you have to be the bigger person and take the lead.

This is a very good month for couples who work together and who have big goals set for this year.

Scorpio in Career Life April 2019

While teamwork can be frustrating, it can also be very productive – it could be down to how you handle your temper or irritation. You have the power to lead or be a disruptive influence on the group – however, you can probably achieve more by taking up the reigns and leading by showing the way and working hard rather than throwing the toys out of the trolley and walking away.

Scorpio who have been experiencing a writer’s block in terms of finding that your creative juices have stopped flowing will discover that the muse returns during mid-month, and once again you can generate great ideas and get your projects moving.

There are some conflicts of interests regarding finances this month, and you may delay investment decisions until you have a better idea of what your key goals are this year. You may feel pulled in one direction; however, you may realise that logically another route is more likely to succeed, and this headheart battle can hold you back from making firm decisions.

Scorpio may experience delays in getting paid bonuses or commission due to mistakes in administration, and you will have to chase these up.

This is a very successful month for businesses which cater to children, i.e., toys, games, school accessories or clothing. Indeed, all businesses, i.e., restaurants, hotels, B&Bs, etc., should look to be more kiddie or baby friendly.

All Scorpio in communication industries need to knuckle down and focus on your work as you can achieve a great deal in April as long as you set targets and have clear goals. It is vital to look below the surface and to follow every lead through – this is a month when you can get caught out by slimming the surface. Always prepare 50% more than you will need, and you are prepared for anything. An excellent time for investigative journalism.

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