Taurus in February 2019

Taurus Monthly Horoscope Feb.'19

This month offers an opportunity to shift psychologically from negative patterns that may have affected your self-esteem. It may now be a chance to reassess in your own mind what you feel you can achieve – perhaps your expectations were actually too low, and you now see that you are capable of far more. In some cases, you need to think about what you really want and need for yourself rather than letting your life direction be determined by the expectations of others. This can mean letting go of some emotional issues from the past – some emotional habits are beneficial and some are actually scuppering your attempts to move forward – it is these negative voices which need to be put to bed. Do not blame the past – it is you who gives the past power over you.

Much of what was said in the previous paragraph could relate to issues stemming from parental attitudes towards you – this is not the time to dwell; it is a chance to forgive and forget.

Subconscious motivations can have a great effect on your moods, your actions and your energy levels – negative energy is very draining. Positive attitudes can do much to propel you forward, but rest, sleep, and some solitude for reflection are just as important. It is a busy month regarding career, and you may feel you have to be ‘ON’ all the time – which is why quality rest and withdrawal from the fray is vital for health and mental wellbeing.

Taurus in Love February 2019

This is a time when Taurus want to experiment with relationships – you will resist convention and shun advice as you gravitate towards romantic partners who offer excitement, unpredictability, and sense of danger. You are looking for something in your life that is unconventional and which brings a sense of the radical, and you may seek a partner who expresses eccentric qualities, who will transport you to another world. Even Taurus who think they are looking for a sensible relationship will attract a certain craziness in love as something within you is attracting the unpredictable into your life to introduce you to new circles and new concepts. Taurus can even be a little risky regarding how they proceed with love affairs, i.e. exchanging of intimate pictures, more role play, dating people you would not have considered before, secret liaisons, etc.

You may become attracted to someone who has always annoyed you or even been a person you competed against – suddenly, you can see them in a new light.

Single Taurus are more adventurous and open to new experiences in love as they know where they stand – they are single and from that standpoint they can expand. By the same token, married/involved Taureans who feel secure and happy in the relationship will be an initiator who will encourage new experiences and want to inject fantasy and excitement into the relationship.

Taureans who are not as happy or who feel insecure with their partner will be aloof, withdrawn, and unwilling to engage in lovemaking. Thus good relationships prosper right now regarding an increased sense of togetherness; in relationships which are struggling, cracks will widen as communication and tolerance break down.

Taurus Career Life Feb.'19

Career matters come to a head this month. This is a time when you may nail a new position, get that promotion or quit one career to begin something totally different. The lunar eclipse brings energy and change to your life direction, and this often marks a positive new start.

This month you have to give yourself a little push – do not let doubts about your ability to handle responsibility hold you back. There are opportunities for leadership, more personal publicity, and ways to get seen and get noticed. Some of the attention that comes your way will feel a little uncomfortable or unusual for a time, but your ability to adjust is enhanced, and you should soon feel relaxed about events.

If you work freelance, you may nail an important contract with a government department of a big corporation. You may also have the chance to do important work on a big project which will affect a large part of society, i.e., research on mental health issues, socio-economic problems and causes or economic policy. This can also mean you work to bring public attention to social issues, which are not often talked about via journalism, filmmaking, blogging, etc. – this may focus on rights of the disabled, homelessness in your city, pollution of the environment, dangers of fracking, etc. Your work right now may bring you into contact with troubling issues close to home which you believe should get more publicity or government assistance. You may uncover a scandal or be prepared to whistle blow.

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