Taurus Monthly Horoscope April 2019

taurus april 2019

Taurus April 2019

Mercury goes retrograde in your first house from the 10th of the month until May 4th and so during this phase, your life will be more unpredictable and disruptive, with the everyday things you rely on not working as they should, and you will also find it more difficult to express yourself and communicate with clarity. What seems like a perfectly clear instruction to you may seem anything but to others, and misunderstandings can result.

It is harder to deal with people within the family and at work as you are all snappy and too quick to judge and lose patience with others.

This is not the time to act in haste – check and recheck your facts and your sources before you go ahead. Think before you speak, and be as clear and transparent as possible. This is not the best month for financial planning or decisions as information can be contradictory and hard to make head or tail of.

If you are going to make a big deal of something, make sure you have your facts straight. This is a time to be extra cautious in any role which involves advice giving – make sure that the receiver of that advice understands its uses and limitations.

Taurus in Love April 2019

This is a month of mixed messages in love – you can easily misconstrue information or pay too much to attention to something trivial. New love interests can start up rather quickly, and there can also be short-lived affairs and also much flirtatious behaviour. While it is very interesting in terms of love, it can be hard to make head or tail of the real emotions at play – is it all about having some fun and banter or is there more to it? This month is one where you need to keep your emotions on the leash and not commit mentally or emotionally to anyone until it is more clear how you both feel. You are probably more attracted to the feeling of being in love than the actual person right now; which is why anything that starts this month will probably fizzle out.

For married Taurus, this month is a time where you need space in your relationships – you cannot live in each other’s pockets, and you cannot afford to be threatened by allowing each other that space. I think that many Taureans may have reservations about giving up control in the partnership – but that is what is required. You need a more flexible and dynamic approach, and that will involve you being stronger. Insecurities that you have in the relationship will be laid bare this month, and you will have to take a long look at yourself – only you can deal with your inner feelings, and being possessive and controlling is not the way. Give freedom, gain more freedom – it works both ways. If your partner is feeling restless, you need to acknowledge that he is perhaps reflecting a restlessness in yourself and that it is time for your marriage to undergo some changes where you can both have more freedom to be individuals with both separate and joint goals.

Control and jealousy will push your partner away from you mentally, even if he /she is physically present.

Taurus in Career Life April 2019

This month is productive for any project which is ongoing, although you could be hit by technical problems which will result in a back to basics approach.

In all work, a hands-on approach is needed to ensure that things run according to plan – it is not a time when you can take your eye off the ball or just leave things and people to get on with it – close monitoring and supervision and also doing check and data backups is important.

Information needs careful verification and checking, and in communications, less is more. There is this tendency to bombard clients or staff with memos, information, instructional material or even give lengthy pep talks – this can mean so much wasted time as people are not able to discern what is most important. You need to focus on what the core message is and make sure you ram that home rather than confusing the issues with much superfluous detail.

Legal matters can drag on this month and cause interruption to your plans – it is very important to understand the fine print regarding any legal clauses – this can be harder than it seems due to ambiguity.

Getting funding for further education can suffer a setback during April, but you should be able to turn this around later in the year. This is NOT a good month for promotions, ad campaigns or publishing as your message may not reach the target audience or may lack impact or resonance. The time is just not right – go back and rethink the campaign and look more closely at the analytics to get targeting spot on.

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