Virgo in February 2019

Virgo Monthly Horoscope Feb.'19

Last month you were not quite in top gear regarding your organisation and efficiency, and now February is the month to get back into control and make arrangements, plans, schedules, and start delegating. It is back to details and back to basics regarding your plans and goals. Virgo love making lists and being well prepped, and so this month you will be filling up the diary, marking out calendars and setting targets, budgets, and milestones. It is also time to ensure your contact and email lists are up to date, backed up, and secured.

New routines for your health, diet, and to cope with practical issues are implemented. A good month to start a diet or new health regime. Feng Sui is something that appeals to Virgo as a way to structure and organise the home and work environment. You will strive to make your life more efficient and ergonomic.

The more you feel on top of the mundane things in life, the less anxious or stressed you will feel.

Boundaries are important this month, especially when it comes to employees and co-workers as they can become emotionally dependant on you in a way that becomes draining. In some cases, they can even take advantage of your sympathy.

Work and health are linked this month, and so health problems experienced now are often related to work – poor quality of food in your canteen, not taking proper lunch breaks or heavy reliance on packed meals. You need to make sure you make time to eat in a peaceful environment, not ramming food down while you bang away at the PC or while driving or rushing between appointments. Respect food more, not only regarding what you eat but how you eat. Your health can improve.

Virgo in Love February 2019

You care about your relationship and what goes on at the surface and at a deeper level. You may sense something which you cannot put your finger on, and you will do your best to get at the root of the matter. You will not be content with superficial explanations, and you will analyse away, askingquestions until you feel that you have dismantled and understood the problem. You may be the one who psychoanalyses your partner and helps them to get to grips with issues (possible from the distant past) and understand them better. You are often the catalyst for positive emotional changes or transformations within your lover or partner. Even in new relationships, you can get to know a lover at a very deep level, and pillow talk could be more revealing and a time when secrets and deep feelings or even fears are exchanged.

Virgo are very seductive this month, and their sexual energy and charm are again a key weapon or tool. You have a soothing effect on lovers and can receive and respond to them in a way that helps them lose inhibitions and restraints, making both the sex life and spiritual connection during sex stronger.

There is a strong urge to relate and to fuse with your partner, and you will enjoy any activity that brings you closer from pooling ideas to do with finances, children or even discussing philosophical issues.

Single Virgo may find themselves attracted to someone who does not ‘tick their boxes’; you may even find by knowing this person that ‘your boxes’ as such did not even reflect your true needs. A new potential partner can reach part of you that you did not even know existed. So a good month for new and old Valentines.

Virgo Career Life Feb.'19

You are reluctant to take financial advice from others this month, especially as it will tend to conflict with your experience. You will probably resist the concerns and advice of others and go with what you know and what your gut says when it comes to business decisions.

This may be the month when you get a company car or a loan from your employer – this can be a mixed blessing as it will enhance your prestige but may lead to you paying more tax. Everything regarding money creates a dilemma where you gain in one way but lose in another, and making decisions will thus take time and extensive thought.

Money matters may cause ethical quandaries – i.e., you could save money with Plan A, but you will end up compromising your concerns for Green issues or perhaps Plan B is great from a creative point of view but does not fit in with marketing strategies. It is a matter of weighing up the issues before you make decisions, and those issues are likely to be complex and will involve motivations and instincts that are not only financial but moral and philosophical.

Virgo want to make their business plans both profitable financially and beneficial for the wider community, and you are looking for more than just monetary gain from what you do.

Virgo in high-pressure sales jobs may feel increasingly uncomfortable with hard sell tactics, and that can mean you fail to reach targets. Virgo may also feel that they have lost faith in what they are promoting or selling. This year Virgo need to believe in what they do as a job on a deep level – you need to feel you create value in human and financial terms, and where you feel your job is shallow, you will look to either make it more meaningful or find something that does reflect your values regarding life and the world.

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