Virgo May 2019 Predictions

virgo may 2019

Virgo May 2019

This is an exciting month for those of you who espouse liberal values, especially to do with sex, LGBT issues, and feminism or even abortion. You may write extensively on these subjects or meet up with like-minded types to do protests, sit-ins or demonstrations. Even if you are more conservative on the above issues, you may still be a truth activist or human rights campaigner. Virgo are interested in pushing the agenda when it comes to these issues, especially regarding breaking down taboos and mindsets in society. Virgo may be involved in education and awareness raising about these matters.

This month brings issues with anything which is shared – money, property, services, etc. It is best not to get involved in anything which involves sharing if you are not already involved. In situations where you do pool resources, you will have a greater element of unpredictability and irritation in your life, and you cannot be in control as your co-sharers can be erratic, unreliable, or may even abuse the shared resource.

Sudden happenings this month may force your hand, i.e., you may have been putting up with certain situations for months trying to be diplomatic and understanding, but something may occur that is the last straw to break the camel’s back, and you will suddenly decide enough is enough. In some cases, this brings one phase of life to an abrupt end, allowing you to start a new chapter.

This is a mentally taxing month with much concentration and attention to detail needed. There can be delays regarding important communications, and often more work is required on any one thing than anticipated. The tension this month often manifests as digestive disorders, and so you need to get plenty of rest and eat a balanced diet. Avoid too much coffee or similar stimulants.

Virgo Love May 2019

Joint bank account and household spending is an issue this month in relationships. In some cases, Virgo may have to stump up more than their fair share as your partner is changing jobs, studying or starting their own business. In some cases, you have to go without to help your partner and so that you come out as a household. This can lead to many emotional knock-on effects, i.e., you could feel slightly stressed or even resentful, but it can give you more power in the relationship. On the other hand, the partner may feel ashamed, especially if he/she was previously the breadwinner, and this can serve as a block to communication and understanding.

There can be arguments about money and standoffs where communication breaks down. However, the arguments tend to alternate with periods of increased affection and compassion for each other. So it is a mixed bag of aggro and affection where romance is concerned; it is almost as if you need to have outbursts to get things in the open, and when that blockage is out of the way, affection and love seem to flow freely.

Sexually, things can be very rewarding as you again experiment; dropping things that don’t work and learning what can work better. They say we never stop learning, and that includes the sex life – Virgo are always eager to improve, and you enjoy novelty, and so May is the time buy the Karma Sutra or any other great sex book.

Virgo Career May 2019

Keeping to routines and following instructions and work protocols can be rather frustrating this month. A new boss may be very strict and authoritarian, and you may resent their input. Work situations, in general, provide restriction to the creative flow, and you will have to go along with things you do not necessarily agree with just due to the chain of command and having to follow orders.

You should be careful of any hazards at work that could cause you injury – keep alert to dangerous situations that develop suddenly.

You are ambitious to further your career this month and also to assume more responsibility; however, you will need to be patient as even if you do get more responsibility you may not have much autonomy. This month tests your ability to follow orders and submit to the higher ranks, and if you can demonstrate you’re conscientious, it will be good for impressing your superiors; even if you have to hold back on your original ideas and methods for now.

You may get a promotion or a new role and spend most of your time undoing a mess left by your predecessor. In some cases, a Virgo may find that a company they have recently purchased has hidden issues, especially financial ones that need some serious attention, i.e., the records and bookkeeping may be totally chaotic. Virgos in accounting and finance careers may be more involved in forensic aspects of your profession or in managing business change and mergers.

In many businesses, changing to different accounting methods or adapting to new tax codes or moving to a new business model can give extra work and require a great degree of adaptability and teeth gritting.

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