Virgo Monthly Horoscope April 2019

virgo april 2019

Virgo April 2019

Just when you think you have it all figured out, something out of the blue throws a spanner in the works, but do not despair, it is not quite back to the drawing board, more like a few essential adjustments which lead to a much better end product. Arrogance or inflexibility in thinking can be your downfall – pride comes before a fall.

There is a feeling of comfort and ease this month. While there are challenges, you have nothing especially worrying hanging over your head, and you can enjoy your daily routine. You are getting on with people well, and this is a period of sustained growth in your financial security and general well-being.

You may come into some money which proves handy in paying off a debt, i.e., you may have success at a car boot sale or selling some unused or unwanted belongings on eBay, etc. If you are a person who enjoys hunting for antiques or even buying cars at auction then selling these on at a profit, this is a month you can have success with these pursuits.

This month there is the ability to appreciate the small things in life. You will be inclined to cherish and appreciate what you have instead of imagining that the grass is greener elsewhere and feeling frustrated – while this feeling seldom lasts, as human we are restless and inclined to strive for more; it is nice to take a moment every so often to soak up the joys of the moment without pressurising ourselves to achieve more.

Virgo in Love April 2019

Virgo are known for their emphasis on honesty in relationships. Virgo are, in general, not a sign to stay in a relationship when they feel it is no longer emotionally viable, that is why they like to confront issues timeously and as directly as possible. Virgo may come across as critical and even abrupt when they address things in the relationship which need buffing up, and you could shock your partner who may rather bumble along in a state of blinkered blindness to the issues. It may be that while enjoying your eggs benedict, you blurt out your concerns about lack of affection or lack of mutual cooperation or respect. You will not get an answer, and your partner may become evasive and even upset, but you can be sure that the cat is now out of the bag and he/she will come back later for clarification and that is when you can iron out the problem.

Virgo want to create an atmosphere of greater straightforwardness and openness in relationships where you are both more transparent and also more accountable to each other. Where there is resistance to this, mistrust builds. Virgo need honesty to feel safe in relationships, and as I said, when they are no longer safe, love fades, and Virgo may walk away.

Idle gossip can cause trouble in your relationship (especially if you are newly attached or dating) and so make sure you disregard hearsay and get to the source.

If dating, do not judge a book by its cover; you can be a little too quick to judge on superficial criteria and so take more time to get to know the person inside.

Virgo in Career Life April 2019

There is a mood shift in many of your careers as the perceived wisdom in your industry alters, and there is a change in focus. Legal changes or new legislation that affects how you work comes into force, and you may have to do courses or update studies to ensure you are well versed in all aspects of the change.

Delays in mail, especially regarding invoices or payments can cause confusion. You also need to check the payment gateways on your computer are secure.

You need to pause before you go to press with any publication or ad campaign and check your copy and facts for accuracy. Rushing to meet tight deadlines regarding academic papers, reports, or legal documents can cause you to overlook details, and so get a colleague or someone reliable to check your work over.

This is not the best month for travel in connection with generating publicity and promoting your goods; it is also a frustrating month for international trade.

There are opportunities to earn extra money by working overtime or via a second job. Those who are unemployed will very likely find work or at least a part-time position to bridge the gap to full-time employment. Selfemployed workers may find new clients who have bigger and longer term projects or existing clients may require addition services from you. This is a good time to upsell.

This month is excellent for any of you who sell products via social media, i.e., Juice Plus, Cosmetics, Health products, as the personal touch is vital in money making in April.

Avoid excessive socialising on the job as this can get you into hot water.

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