Aries May 2019 Predictions

aries may 2019

Aries May 2019

With Mercury going direct again from the 4th and Venus being direct this month, it will feel very much more balanced, and you will be able to make good decisions and feel more confident – back to your old self.

There is more self-belief, and you will not be plagued by as many doubts about your ability to get on with others, market yourself or to market your creative projects.

An ideal month for lists, planning, keeping diaries, and making budgets – these things can help you get your mind back into gear and are important, and this year you are very focused on material achievements and want to see concrete results, and so keeping records, ticking off achievements and having benchmarks against which to measure achievements can not only help you stay on track but also help you keep motivated.

Right now experience is your best teacher. No matter what the ‘experts’ say, if you find something works for you then stick to it and trust in the methods which have given you results. Trial and error is the best way forward regarding new skills or topics you are learning – theories will prove to be useless, and only by making some mistakes and then fine tuning your approach can you work out things for yourself.

This month is one where you strip illusions of yourself away and say, “This is where I am, this is where I want to be, and this is how I am going to do it.” You have the benefit of being able to be honest with yourself without being negative – these are two very different things.

Aries Love May 2019

This month, things are back on track in your love life. New relationships are reaching a happy plateau where you have an understanding and can progress forward enjoying the dating experience.

Arians still have an internal struggle regarding their willingness to open up in love – on one hand, you want to develop a closer attachment as stability and constancy in love matter to you in 2017, and yet something inside you keeps putting up a barrier. You will tend to worry about timing: if it is right for you, if you can live up to the other person’s expectations and even if you are good enough. Self-doubt will throw up all sorts of concerns which are not really concerns, and so you need to switch off your head and let your heart take you forward. Over-thinking things is a problem – so just do not do it, it’s not becoming of an Aries.

Marriages and long-term relationships can have some of the same issues, with the Arian withdrawing a little and making excuses. It is not that things are going badly, but Arians’ attitudes and ideas about what the relationship should be and where it should be heading are changing, and yet you have not quite figured out how and where yet. Often your inner restlessness and silent discontent are coming across more than you are realising and making it harder for your partner to know how to respond to you.

Affection and physical togetherness can do more to ease any tensions than communication right now. Get the tenderness and feeling going again and pay less attention to the practicalities. Chat, good food, good wine, and good loving are what you need.

Aries Career May 2019

They say the harder you work, the luckier you get – this month luck is not part of your winning formula, work and consistency are.

In terms of clients offering a solid, reliable, and trustworthy service, this is where you can step ahead of the competition – right now, this is what others need from you, and when they get it, you will be very much in their good books.

In terms of business, right now is the time to build on existing good relationships and strengthen them. In terms of clients, you can get more work by upselling than getting new clients.

A good month to strengthen skills and to reinforce what you do really well – focus on expanding your knowledge in the areas you already have confidence in.

Do not be scared to follow your intuition as often this month your perceptions may be at odds with those of the people around you, meaning you cannot count on their support, but that does not mean you should discount your own intuition.

Morally you are experiencing a shift and are becoming more open-minded – you may find it increasingly hard to deal with a workplace which is highly conservative, and this may lead you to start thinking about work in some environment that is more reflective of your new way of thinking.

You have a very strong work ethic right now and are eager to work with and help others who are similar; however, you have no patience for people who have a sense of entitlement, which can make you highly critical.

A busy month regarding selling and negotiating with plenty of localized travel and the chance to attend training courses especially to do with mechanical skills.

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