Cancer May 2019 Predictions

cancer may 2019

Cancer May 2019

This is a very exciting month and an excellent time for financial growth, investing, and business projects. This is also a time when you can gain emotionally and grow from helping others. You can have a very positive effect on people you come across at work or casually and may have good advice to offer on the benefit of your experience. Acts of kindness increase your appreciation of the interconnectivity of life. This is a month when you look beyond the ordinary mundane experiences and see patterns, which is quite inspiring; it is almost as if the universe keeps sending you messages saying: don’t give up on your dreams, keep going, someone believes in you. It is amazing what a small amount of belief and recognition can do for your morale, and this month that appreciation will come in unexpected ways and will give you a real boost.

Often your restraint will be tested as this is a very impatient month where you are eager to see progress and are less patient over details. You are broadminded and well placed to develop long-term strategies and have the vision to see beyond the obvious to something truly special. This is a month where you rise above petty concerns and in this way lead by example – some problems need to be outgrown rather than solved, and this is what you are realising. Attitudes are just as important as actions, and in May your positive and tolerant attitudes can turn bad situations into more positive ones. You can also lend your positive spirit to money concerns, having the guts to make some tough decisions which could turn financial prospects around in 12 months.

Tackling issues you usually shy away from can lead to unexpected strokes of luck – so this is a good time to broach those areas of life you often avoid and take a more positive approach.

This month offers a real chance for growth – you can get to a place where you feel more confident and capable. Pushing yourself and testing yourself in terms of pushing limits can lead to breakthroughs, and so forget your red lines and rules.

This is a good time to buy a car.

Cancer Love May 2019

Success for your partner can bring happiness and celebration into your lives this month. There is a positive vibe in relationships as there is a sense of achievement and progress. It may be that you are both invested in the project or perhaps you have been a cheerleader, but good news for your partner is also good news for you. It may be that you attend an awards event, rally, or important social gathering with your partner, and this provides excitement and improves your relationship due to the sense of shared success.

You and your spouse or partner are very social this month and are out and about meeting new people and expanding your contacts. This is an excellent month for couples who work in their own business together or for political couples or those who work in careers which are very visible, i.e., the arts.

So for those who are married, this is a chance to bask in reflected glory from your loved one. However, for some Cancerians, there is an edge to this as your competitive nerve may be touched and you may have a secret envy of your partner which you hide behind a magnanimous exterior. Jealousy and resentment may simmer below the surface in relationships where you secretly feel that your partner is getting more than they deserve and are ‘lucking out’ – while this could be true, jealousy is always destructive, and you should put that energy into reinforcing your own goals. There may be a feeling of being in their shadow, and so it is up to you to step out of that shadow and make sure they support you as you support them.

Cancer Career May 2019

This month is communication intensive, and you will be busy with correspondence, and yet some of your interactions with others will be frustrating. Part of the problem is that you may be putting your ideas out there and not listening to other ideas or objections and thereby not winning support. You are inclined to gloss over details or ignore parts of your work that bore you in favour of putting too much time into the aspects of you work which you do enjoy, and this creates blind spots which become vulnerabilities. You need a more balanced approach to your work and to pay more attention to weaknesses and shore them up.

This is a very busy month, and your phone will be ringing, and your email inbox full; you can feel overwhelmed, and yet there is important information coming your way, and you must not miss it in the general communication melee. The busy schedule is stimulating, and this is an exciting time at work as you can sense opportunities, and you love the sniff of a challenge.

There are educational opportunities this month and a chance to broaden your work experience, and you will have fun learning; it will not feel like a punishment or a drudge. There is a strong chance of travel within your country to conferences or seminars – these can be wonderful for personal development and networking and fun.

May is an excellent time for expanding or starting businesses in the education industry or where you offer services to schools, universities, etc. It is also highly favourable for those of you seeking jobs in teaching or academia.

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