Gemini May 2019 Predictions

gemini may 2019

Gemini May 2019

This month, you may do something quite by chance, which ends up being something you love doing and will continue doing for a while. That said, this is a positive month when some quite surprising events can give you little clues about where to seek added happiness or fulfilment.

May will see a lessening of burdensome activities which sap your energy and an abundance of pleasant events that are emotionally nourishing.

Self-expression is very important in May, and whatever you do day to day, you will seek to put a personalised stamp or spin on it as you have a highly individualistic flair coming through.

You have a sparkling personality this month, which can get you noticed and help you to throw amazing parties, work events, or to organise social gatherings. You have a very strong desire to expand socially and to dazzle on the social stage. On one hand, you think big, and yes, while you do have the ingenuity to make even the most eccentric plans come off, be sure that the original aim is not missed in all the razzmatazz.

May is perfect for any competitive situations as you have a boost of mental and physical energy which can help you to stay upbeat and positive no matter what the state of play, and that will help you get over obstacles and past the opposition.

Gemini Love May 2019

Geminis’ needs are changing fast this month, and that means in relationships what works one day may not work the next. Married or newly in a relationship, your partner needs to understand your dual personality and your need for freedom and also an anchor. The more your partner takes a live and let live attitude, the better things go; what is a problem right now is a partner who tries to control you or manipulate you emotionally.

This month, financial independence is key – the more Gemini feel they have an equal or better footing in the relationship regarding money, the more confident and happy Gemini will feel; however, where there is financial inequality and thus the ability of your partner to limit your freedom by holding the purse strings, you may feel very restless and unsatisfied. It may be time to emphasise the non-financial elements which you bring to the relationship as it is not all about pounds and pence; there are many qualities that make a relationship tick and all need to be appreciated.

For Gemini in newly-formed relationships, romance is very much in the air, and this May is wonderful time to get to know each other in the most fun and expansive way possible. It is not all about sex, although sexual experimentation can be a part of it; it is also very much about exploring new ideas and travelling mentally together. Learning together can also be a unifying force.

Gemini Career May 2019

Work with children or young people may be part of your assignments this month in terms of guiding, acting as a mentor, or teaching. You have the ability to sway opinion and encourage an optimistic approach, especially in minds that are still young and impressionable. You will have the opportunity to pass on knowledge or give someone the benefit of your experience. In life, we make so many mistakes which we, of course, learn from. This month is your chance to warn others about those pitfalls and pass on your wisdom.

There is good karma to be gained by passing on a lesson learned. You can also benefit from handing over things you no longer want or need to increase the abundance of another.

There is a great deal of success indicated for those who work in areas where they look to reform society or regenerate. At times, you may have to go beyond the bounds of social norms and tackle taboos to get important issues noticed, discussed, and tackled.

You need to keep in check a certain mental pride and wilfulness, as although this can help you generate confidence and courage, it can alienate others even if you are totally justified.

May is a very good month for those Gemini who are looking to patent an idea – the planets are helping you in the fields of science and technology. May is great for app development or new software programmes, especially those which are games or aimed at the entertainment industry.

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