Leo May 2019 Predictions

leo may 2019

Leo May 2019

There are opportunities for leadership, expansion, and travel this month.
Your feet should be itchy as it is very likely that you will go to places you have never been before locally or further afield. You are more pioneering and this month will be inclined to explore and visit places within your vicinity which offer new experiences and a taste of the exotic. You are more open right now, and your expansiveness could include reading materials which you would normally not bother with, but which offer new insights.

Friends may lend you books or drag you off to see arty films or perhaps invite you to an event which ends up being quite a culturally interesting experience.

Your ability to communicate is enhanced, and you can use this time to promote your ideas or lend intellectual support to campaigns you care about. It is a time of action mentally, where you look to increase knowledge and then distribute that knowledge to others.

This is an exciting month when you will feel positive and optimistic and even challenging tasks or problems will be taken on with a ‘can do’ attitude.

Relations with siblings and others in your immediate environment, i.e., neighbours are more cooperative and conciliatory.

Witty and bubbly, this month is filled with laughs and seeing the funny side of things. Progress in all areas of life is swift, and life seems more exciting than usual with varied and uplifting experiences, especially in everyday matters.

Leo Love May 2019

A weekend away or surprise trip organised by your romantic partner is possible.

The good vibe permeates all relationships, and the only downside in love is if your partner is feeling very down and not sharing your enthusiasm. If your partner is down or negative, it could be within your gift to inject him/her with some of your positivity, which is in abundance. Use you PMA to help your partner see some solutions and help lift their spirits and get them out of their own bubble of gloom.

If you are in a situation where you partner’s issues and problems are so pervasive that they are bringing you down, you need to mentally and emotionally detach from them, not in a selfish way, but in a self-preserving way so that you conserve and make the most of your own positivity this month.

You and your partner may both feel as if you are embarking on a journey this month – i.e., you may both begin training for a triathlon, you may start arranging a cultural trip, you may begin learning a language together or attend a religious orientated support group, join a political party – the theme is that you and your partner will begin a journey together linked to personal awareness and expansion.

Relationships are all about growing together spiritually, and so any love relationship is enhanced where you have similar goals and where these goals are bigger than yourselves (ie political or social goals) or mundane material issues.

Love often strikes at universities, in church groups, and on cultural tours.

Leo Career May 2019

Legal issues can come to light unexpectedly and demand a rapid response – the quicker you act, the more you can nip it in the bud.

Foreign trade and international relations within your work are very important, and you need an acute awareness of mores and practices in other cultures to develop proper negotiation and business plans. Know beliefs, customs, trends and laws in other countries when you deal with them or their people.

More understanding and demonstrations of sensitivity and awareness go a long way to improving cooperation. Quickly arranged business trips can be very successful even if they are highly speculative.

Understanding that perception is often more important than reality is essential when understanding your clients or the public. Often people begin to feel something, and though they may not be able to rationally say why they feel that way or provide facts, it can be very hard to shift a perception once it settles in, and so if you need to work with the public, try and understand their perceptions and acknowledge them. If you ignore them, you can miss opportunities to connect with people.

The political environment both this month and this year is very much one of rebellion, change, and displeasure with the way things are – there is a wave of rebellion and distrust growing, and Leos who find ways to tap into that or work with that can be very successful.

Success in all business this month is in recognising social and cultural trends – you should not judge but rather react positively.

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