Taurus May 2019 Predictions

taurus may 2019

Taurus May 2019

This month is a good time to take your health in hand; however, it is not about quick fixes and new fad diets, it is more about formulating a plan that you know you can stick to, and which is a combination of various diets and regimes. Allergy testing or finding your blood group or being tested for deficiencies can help you to devise which diet will suit you, not only for weight loss, but also for having more energy and vitality. This is a very good time to see a nutritional therapist for an all-round new approach to diet – you may be able to introduce supplements or alternatively leave out certain food groups which will result in a radical turnabout in your health. What you cannot do is expect fast results, you need to be in it for the long haul and give it a chance to work to get the most out of it.

This is not the best month to lend money or offer to share a possession as the person who you are sharing with may have very different values, and you may feel aggravated with their attitudes and perhaps even lack of appreciation. What is yours is yours, and you can be rather protective over your possessions. Respect to a Taurus must be respect for oneself and respect for one’s property, and when you feel anyone has abused or damaged what is yours, this can produce great anger in you.

You are very specific this month about what you like and what you do not like, and this can create conflict as you are not always ready to compromise. Others may see you as rather fussy and inflexible, but you feel that certain lines need to be drawn.

Taurus Love May 2019

There will be some arguments over money this month and how it should be spent; however, the Taurus will soon win these and set about some serious spending and saving plans.

Time spent at work and the amount of work you are bringing home can cause some issues in marriages, and there is not much time to share emotionally. Taurus are also rather focused on work, money, and chores to be done, so much so that they can come across as preoccupied, distracted and even unconcerned.

Last month was about having some space and being more secure about the relationship – this month, the element of trust is returning, and you can feel more relaxed about matters in love.

In all relationships, the best moments are totally unexpected and spontaneous, whereas when you plan something, i.e., a night out or theatre trip, it tends to lack appeal and may even be a damp squib. The most surprising things are sexual, erotic, and romantic in May. While there is not much time for you together, the time you do have can end up being quite rewarding in unexpected ways.

Single Taurus can start new relationships quite quickly, and yet at the moment you are non-committal and not wishing to make it a steady thing; what’s more, relationships are just one part of your life, and you need the other person to understand that. You will not tolerate a new lover who puts on pressure and comes on too strong.

Taurus Career May 2019

Work life balance is vital this month – take a close look at how work is encroaching on your spare time, it will be more than you think. This month, you can take action in putting some new work regimes or timetables together to help you spend time more efficiently – you may not actually be aware of how much time you spend unproductively that extends the working day.

Being more vigilant about sticking to a timetable and not overdoing the effort when not required can save you time and energy. You need to manage time more wisely and have more confidence in your work, so much so that you do not feel the need to spend ages refining and perfecting it. Make sure effort matches outcome; do not waste time on peripheral activities that do not affect your bottom line.

You also need to focus on what you are doing and what you do well rather than obsessing about what others are doing and how they are doing it. Keep the faith with your methods, even if they are not mainstream, and spend less time observing the speeds or output of your colleagues as this may be putting you off.

This month, volunteer work can be very rewarding and a good way of balancing the day job; you need outlets away from work that can keep you in touch with what is really important, and work can be all consuming right now, and you can end up feeling disconnected with what really matters.

An excellent month for those studying medicine, veterinary sciences, psysiotherapy, etc. You can gain great understanding via practical work (rather than theoretical) in terms of having a feel for the patient beyond what are strictly factually based assessments.

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