Aquarius Monthly Horoscope June 2019

Aquarius June 2019

Your need to be independent and act with freedom is pronounced this month. Your desire nature is high, and it can be hard for others to keep up with you, and so it is best to engage with a wide variety of people.

This is an ideal time to begin a venture like backpacking around the world where you are away for a long period, often alone or mixing with different people day to day. In general, this month is ideal for goals where you need to be away from your usual comfort zones regarding those close relationships or associations. It is ideal for independent action – your boss may be away, and you may have to hold the fort and act beyond your usual scope.

If you had a close friend or even a partner (romantic or business) who became an enemy, this is a month where that animosity would be felt more keenly. You could try and resolve it, but it may be best to leave it be and ensure that at least for your part, you have forgiven and forgotten.

Relations with both parents and the parents in law improve this month, and there may be more social events between you, especially for family birthdays, etc., – these should all go off better than expected.

You need to be cautious about your digestion – take care not to overindulge, especially when it comes to sugar and fat. Digestive issues are a feature of this year, especially when it comes to IBS and the way your nerves affect your digestive system. So when you address stress by eating madly or too many low nutrition ready meals, you exacerbate problems and feed into a downward cycle. Eat freshly cooked, balanced meals.

Aquarius Love June 2019

Love life can take second place to creativity, and so if you, as an Aquarian are working on an artistic or imaginative project, love life may go on hold as you are so emotionally wrapped up in your work. Somehow, this artistic project fulfils you on a level that is almost sexual. Time spent apart can be a very positive thing as this is not a time to live in each other’s pockets.

Where you share a creative passion or even a political interest with your partner, that interest can absorb you both, and you can almost become encapsulated in a bubble of love and passion for work.

Sexual satisfaction can also be achieved via writing novels or music which is ideal for those of you who are not in a relationship.

Unrealistic expectations can mar your love life as you are in a rather idealistic zone where creatively anything feels possible; coming down to earth with mundane relationship issues can be hard, and you may be less patient or tolerant.

This is a very good month for new same-sex relationships, partly because same-sex relationships are often transformative and part of a significant life theme about identity.

Sexual energy is high this month – as long as you are both in the mood at the same time, sparks can fly; the problem is that you may be out of sync regarding when you are up for it. Often the best thing to do in relationships is have fun together and let it flow from there naturally.

Aquarius Career June 2019

June is ideal for creative work and those who work in the arts or entertainment. You will not only have good ideas, but you can apply and focus your talent. Often ideas are isolated and cannot be connected to produce a marketable product; however, this month things come together as a full package. It is also a very good month for problem-solving regarding working out unique attack plans or combinations of solutions that address a complex problem. This can be very helpful in business management, especially when it comes to getting the best bang for your buck in terms of marketing or promotional budgets.

This is also a wonderful month for the emergence of talents – you may begin to have more confidence in an ability you have to the degree you are now ready to approach an agent or enter a competition. Put yourself in the limelight and stop hiding your light.

Regarding sporting activities, you are skilled at spotting competitors’ weaknesses and devising strategies for yourself or your team to improve performance, making this is a strong month for those who compete or coach for a living.

If you run a business which involves making and selling educational toys, you will be able to spot gaps in the market and respond to this with exciting new products. Those of you who develop products (both digital and physical) should focus on children regarding development.

June is excellent for those who work in mechanical or engineering roles; especially where it is hands on. All apprenticeships/training contracts in these fields are favoured.

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