Cancer Monthly Horoscope June 2019

Cancer June 2019

This month will see many new openings, which although each may seem small and almost insignificant, together they will add up to something quite exciting. The month will be marked by more travel, communication, and research than usual. Travel will be in terms of visiting clients, family, and learning more about your local environment.

June is a very important month for Cancer and is one of the most proactive of the year with new projects starting and with new energy being applied to your work, hobbies, and family life. It is a time when you will feel vitalised and have increased sense of purpose; you have the power to direct your life and stand up for yourself, making a stand that will set the tone in business and personal relationships.

You need to be self-aware in June as you are projecting with some power, and you need to be sure that what you are projecting comes over as positive.

Everyone likes to be around someone positive, and often the most powerful tool you have regarding persuading or getting a message across is to emphasise the positive and create enthusiasm. You are the ideas person this month, and solutions will come to you as you are ingenious and versatile mentally. This is an excellent time for exams or presentations, and your mind is both clear and sharp and your memory good – you will be able to recall information and analyse data with ease. One problem is rushing your speech or coming over as too nervy and eager, and so concentrate on proper breathing and knowing how to relax and calm your heartbeat before making an important speech or attending an interview.

You are very competitive and eager to be first and seize the initiative, the only danger in terms of more haste less speed. Cancerians should take extra care in cars and while travelling; you are distracted right now with much going on, and it is at times like that that accidents can happen. Be careful of accidents on transport and in your local area.

Health can improve during this phase, and it is an excellent time to step up your exercise routines and be more active in sports – possibly avoid adventure sports.

Cancer Love June 2019

The dynamic attitude Cancerians have extends to love, and single Cancer will be gung ho about starting new relationships and trying new things, i.e., speed dating, extending your social circle to meet people, singles nights, etc.

While you are exuding sexual energy and have a high sex drive, you should try and avoid coming on too strong; be enthusiastic but do not push the relationship forward, allow it to develop naturally with no pressure.

One problem in new relationships is the lack of caution and not picking up on warning signs which should be obvious. Advice from friends can be very helpful, especially in helping you keep your head in love – you should not think friends are being negative about your new relationship just because they are jealous, they could be just looking out for you.

In marriages, Cancerians are looking for more from their sex life – it is not just about having sex, you need sex to feel meaningful, romantic, and there should be spontaneity, not a robotic going through the motions. Cancerians will initiate conversations about lovemaking and can be quite forceful in trying to change the direction in your intimate life. If your partner shows a lack of enthusiasm in the bedroom, this can provide a flashpoint for arguments; however, arguments in relationships right now are not negative as the air may need to be cleared.

Cancer Career June 2019

The ‘life’ section this month is perfect for proving yourself intellectually, and you can score well in tests or do well in debates. You can also receive recognition for your ideas regarding publication of your papers or good responses to your blogs or websites.

This month you need to pay attention to your communication tools and the way you use them. Is you website as effective and easy to use as it could be? Does it portray the right image about you and your company? Should you update your LinkedIn with your most recent achievements? What about traditional methods like business cards and uploading your CV to a recruitment website. If you are looking for a job or even if you are in employment, remember that someone out there may be looking for a person with your skills and so make sure you are visible and can be found.

This is a wonderful month for openings, i.e., opening a store, a club, a school and you may either coordinate or participate in these events.

Some of your aggression can spill over, and so you do need to keep a tight rein on your pugnacity; it may also be sensible to not be as transparent about your ambitions right now – play the game, and don’t lose your cool.

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