Capricorn Monthly Horoscope June 2019

Capricorn June 2019

Things will flow this month; opportunities which come your way will be easy to grab with not much cost or sacrifice.

You do have to watch out that you do not get ahead of yourself; it is easy to take a slapdash approach to things which seem unimportant in favour of larger and more exciting goals, but what you neglect now can cause a hiccough later.

You have a need for power and deeper understanding this month – you will keep digging away to gain more from any given situation. Understanding is power, and so you will be paying attention to little details, observing situations and watching who the key players are and what their strengths and weakness are.

You may hold back on expressing your opinions and wait for a better understanding of the dynamics at play before you do. It could be that you are in a new job, going out with a new boyfriend or mingling with a new set of friends and you are waiting to suss out the tone, the themes, and the dynamics before you are willing to be yourself regarding expressing opinions and even telling jokes.

You can have difficulty handling your energy and sometimes headaches or sudden fevers are a symptom of a battle between your head and your heart, which leads to a conundrum when choosing what is important. Impatience is also a key problem. You have a zest for work, but you may force the issue and ruffle the feathers of those you are meant to be working with. The opportunities will still be there, so go about it in a more considered way, not grabbing or snatching at them in case they disappear.

Capricorn Love June 2019

Impatience can create problems in marriages and relationships as you tend to get irritable and are more selfish regarding your actions within the relationship. This is can be a good thing, especially if you have previously been very compromising and have given away too much ground; now is the time to reassert yourself regarding the relationship and to make sure the day to day activities reflect your needs and priorities.

You can benefit from being more diplomatic and taking time to explain yourself better. It is totally OK to require that the relationship is a dual highway of give and take, but you may need to explain more specifically what needs changing and why.

This is a very good month for those Capricorn who work with their spouse in business as the level of commitment from you both is high, and the achievements will be notable. It is important for all couples to have joint goals, even if you do not work together regarding career, as this can help bind you together by establishing a common purpose and a renewed sense of commitment to the goals and each other.

Relationships need purpose and direction, and if your relationship is not going well and there are arguments and frustrations being expressed, then this could very well be the problem – lack of clear direction. Brainstorm new goals that can inject your relationship with dreams and destinations to focus on.

Capricorn Career June 2019

Improved relations with your boss or manager could mean you get more autonomy and recognition – you may be earmarked for promotion or a training program.

If you are in a job which you do not particularly like, you may be in the right place at the right time to find a new job that is more suitable. This is a time when Capricorns who are in dead end jobs with no chance of advancement or progression will feel the push to change job or career so that you can reach your ambitions. Jobs that were OK as a stopgap will suddenly feel inadequate and unsatisfying, and you will seek out more challenging positions which have long-term potential. You are feeling ambitious right now and are seeing possibilities than you once may have been too modest or intimidated to go for.

Many Capricorns in professions or who are self-employed will find that suddenly clients are coming to you; years of work cultivating lists and establishing a good reputation will now pay off, and you will find your income streams grow as do your lists with little or no work.

You may open a new branch or establish a presence in a new geographical area. You may also attract bigger or higher profile clients.

Balancing short and long-term goals is important now, and you should take care to tie up loose ends to do with a former job or position. If you do have bigger fish to fry regarding more important clients, do not neglect your older clients or rush their work; remember who it was who put you where you were.

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