Gemini Monthly Horoscope June 2019

Gemini June 2019

Sensitive and compassionate, you are able to sense subtle signals and use this to make your connections with others stronger. This month, you will look beyond the obvious to achieve your aims, and this can mean that you act in ways which are out of character. You will not alert others to your moves ahead of times as you will want to give your opponents as little time to prepare as possible.

Your acting skills are superb right now, and you can use those no matter what situation life presents you with to get the desired result. The best way to tackle an obstacle is not head on – feel it out and adjust accordingly.

Idealism can stand in the way of constructive progress, so be sure when you make decisions they have some basis, and you are not acting out of a blinkered adherence to a belief system. There is a very strong emotional and subconscious pull towards certain directions, and you often need to take a step back and harness the reason again.

You are very sensitive right now, and that is why you will conceal some of your emotions, playing a character rather than being yourself. It is about selfprotection and self-preservation. Since you are wary of stinging criticism which can hurt more than usual now, you will either delay actions or act in secret until you are sure of the outcome.

Gemini Love June 2019

Restlessness and an inability to settle can create a rather topsy-turvy love life this June. In new relationships or unconventional relationships, things will be brilliant this month – both exciting and varied. If you are in a relationship where there is a great deal of pressure and responsibility, the weight can be onerous, and you will look for ways to escape either physically or mentally.

Love needs to be free to express itself, and so the greater your confidence that your partner loves you for who you are, the more you will freely express your love, and the relationship will grow and be very rewarding and exciting. In relationships where you feel your partner either restricts or suppresses part of your nature, you will rebel by kicking back against that. You may act outrageous or controversially just to get a rise out of your partner and force a confrontation to bring certain issues to light. This month is very favourable for same-sex relationships and LGBTQ relationships, especially if you are coming out. As I have said, this month favours those relationships which are unconventional, and it takes courage to pursue a path less trodden, especially when family and society may disapprove. What the planets will disrupt are those relationships which are safe but not honest, those relationships which have as their basis convention and necessity and not love with struggle.

Gemini Career June 2019

This month is about thinking of skills you have that currently do not earn you money. If your current career is not very demanding so that you still have weekends and evenings free, you may be able to use a talent or ability to bring in extra cash and pay down debt. It may be teaching someone a skill, eBay trading, or any hobby which could turn into a money-spinner. Financial independence is a key motivation for you and is not only important for money’s sake, but for your own internal well-being.

If you are retired or not working due to maternity, you may still use your money management skills to help others, i.e., family members starting a business, the local PTA, charities, etc.

There is enhanced musical ability, and so if you teach or compose music or are studying a musical instrument, you will make great progress regarding your ability to grasp concepts and structure as well as with technical ability and flair.

You have a great deal of power to change your financial position for the better in the next few months, and your approach should not be limited to one thing. You should look in turn at debt arrangements, repayment terms, better strategies for finding clients, new ways to reach customers or improve repeat custom and also expanding avenues to make money. If you are on a set salary, rather than commission, you may look to make tax savings by rearranging your money affairs. The bottom line is that you can free up additional disposable income and have money to spare, but you need to put more energy into the financial arrangements you have.

Creativity is often a source of income, and if you work in a creative enterprise, you can be extra productive, and you will find more work. This is a very lucrative time for those who work from contract to contract.

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