Leo Monthly Horoscope June 2019

Leo June 2019

This month, sudden events, especially to do with new information can change your direction and give a new perspective to some of the projects you are busy with. It is a disruptive month where changes to plans interrupt the smooth flow of events but where big improvements can be made. You can draw on your imagination and ability to think laterally to find solutions as logic will not provide all the answers.

You have a great deal of optimism right now; this is not entirely based on events which are actually quite demoralising on the surface; however, you feel rather positive within and that allows you to deal with obstacles in a way that is highly proactive and not defeatist. This month, you can set yourself apart from the crowd by dealing with crises with more ingenuity and creativity.

Originality and inventiveness, as well as an ability to see problems from a unique angle, can give you a way of circumventing obstacles. You are quickwitted and can think on your feet; this month is one where you are ideally equipped to deal with stressful and fast-paced events.

Relations with siblings can be rather tense right now, and you may clash over plans for family events or indeed over family issues – sibling rivalry is a problem that comes to the fore now and makes getting agreement hard.

You are rather hot-headed this month and will react aggressively when challenged; this is not a time to mess with Taurus as they are not in an easygoing mood. You are driven to get things done and will not let much get in your way.

Leo Love June 2019

This is a much better month for love with affections flowing smoothly – you are more self-assured and less likely to take offence or react to something unnecessarily.

Physical contact is very important as your sense of touch is heightened, and your need for physical contact, from hugs to intimate contact is enhanced.

This heightened sense of touch helps Taurus like to give more pleasure to their partner and to enjoy that process – this leads to more experimentation and more time spent over love, making it a deeper and more sensual experience. Tensions evaporate when you come together in this sensual bubble.

Wining, dining, and enjoying candlelit dinners or romantic trips out, especially if they involve fine dining, or the arts, is something you can enjoy as this is a very social month when you can relax and enjoy time together after the tensions of the past few months.

You may shop for things for your home together, and this can bring you together as you look to enhance your home with fine things, luxury products, and stock up the wine cupboard. Taureans in new and more established relationships will enjoy throwing dinner parties and entertaining friends – this is a very outgoing month, and the good times will role.

The only bone of contention can be where your loyalty is questioned or where you feel your partner has not had your back or fought your corner hard enough.

Leo Career June 2019

A challenging time for public relations and if your business involves foreign trade. Changing political events in your own country and in countries whom you trade with can create logistical issues.

An excellent month for Taurus involved in scientific work, electronics, web design and computer programming. It is also quite an interesting time for hackers. Interesting information can come to light right now, but you must not jump to conclusions in the way in which you interpret it.

This month is ideal for Taurus who work in careers where they need to be aggressive about the way in which they uncover information, i.e., journalists, lawyers, investigators. You may be quite controversial in the ways you express your findings, and you will look to challenge the establish viewpoints with something alternative.

This month is ideal for Taurus who work in holistic health, especially where the physical body is treated at the same time as the mind. Doctors and those in the traditional medical sphere may become more interested in the emotional and mental side of disease and may begin to do research on links.

June is very successful for all types of medical and biological research and favours biologists, microbiologists, and biochemists.

This month is great for florists – business is brisk, and you may be asked to do arrangements for big events – something more challenging than the ordinary.

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