Libra Monthly Horoscope June 2019

Libra June 2019

This month is a happy, optimistic, and self-confident one where you have a spring in your step and are buoyed up and thinking big. You are reviewing your goals and objectives with a far more positive outlook than last month. You put in the grind last month, and now you feel as if you can coast and take in the scenery rather than having your nose buried in books, forms, and accounts.

This is a month when you may begin an extended holiday or a very significant vacation. This holiday can be motivated by a desire to learn, expand consciousness or immerse yourself in a foreign culture. It is possible that travel may be towards professional study regarding expanding your resume so that you can attain higher career goals.

Last month was one for practicalities; this is one for long range and ambitious goals with planning.

Expanding yourself and achieving your goals can be done by using your social influence, and so this is big month for those of you who are grassroots activists, who promote products via social platforms or those who publish.

June is a month of karmic good luck where you can squeak through, even when in a tight corner, and when things are going well, they go even better due to a positive headwind in your sails. Even if things in life have been tough from a family or work perspective; this month will feel like a release as you experience a break.

This is an expansive month when you can give of your best and display your most laudable qualities. This is the start of a 12-year cycle, and it is the initiation phase – look 12 years ahead and think about what you would like to achieve in that time and get planning.

Libra Love June 2019

This month is a good one for love and sex and even relations with the in-laws are smoothed over.

But you should not make compromises for the sake of a quiet life as you may find yourself sliding down a slippery slope, especially if you are in a new relationship. You should defend your values and your position as you have a perfect right to. Sexual encounters are far more intense and also sensual.

Getting sexual satisfaction is important, and if you don’t, you may resort to food or extravagant purchases to satisfy your desire.

Jealousy can be the snake in the grass in your relationship; you need to keep a cap on your jealous reflect reaction to certain events – you may be becoming paranoid and misjudging relationships your partner has to others. In most cases, your jealousy is rooted in insecurity rather than rationality.

Similarly, you should not flirt or act in a manner to ‘punish’ your partner by making him/her jealous. Subtle games can undermine trust, and so it is better to be direct and straightforward rather than resorting to these tactics which can draw you into a negative spiral.

Libras have a desire to be the centre stage right now, and you can become frustrated when your partner does not give you his full attention or admiration; this is why you can become annoyed at any hint of him/her being ‘too’ friendly with another. It would be healthy for you to cast your net wider; your desire for attention may be too intense for one person to fulfil.

Libra Career June 2019

This is the start of a 12-year cycle, and it is the initiation phase – look 12 years ahead and think about what you would like to achieve in that time and get planning. Think about planning study, advanced learning, making business plans with this 12-year period in mind. The biggest threat this month is complacency; there is this inclination to sit back and not push hard enough as it seems like things are coasting. While events are going well, use the extra time and energy for forward planning.

June is wonderful for all of you whose work involves expending physical energy or engaging in sports or vigorous work. You have a greater deal of energy to spare and can have a competitive edge by being a little lucky.

Those who work in very stressful or psychologically intense fields will have a more relaxing month where the kind of work is easier to deal with and their clients less demanding. For Librans who have recently changed jobs or are retraining, this month can be the one where you really feel you are getting the hang of it and start to feel confident.

This is an excellent month for settling lawsuits and claims.

This is a great time for establishing links abroad regarding new customers, new suppliers or even collaborating with fellow professionals in other parts of the world. It is an excellent time to learn from business practises in other countries, how to avoid their mistakes and use what works. Librans can make use of global trade agreements to forge ahead internationally.

This is a great month for wannabees who are auditioning for reality shows and seeking fame – you should take a chance and upload a video of your band or your performance to YouTube, and you may get quite a following. If you are attracted to performance careers, this is the month to try things out at open mike nights or competitions.

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