Pisces Monthly Horoscope June 2019

pisces june 2019

Pisces are very open to spiritual concepts and the paranormal, and this month your experience of those things may be enhanced. Pisces will find that dreams and also perceptions are both accurate and also come over very strongly; sometimes your intuition will overwhelm you. Feelings that spring from the subconscious are powerful and also enlightening, and they could radically change your views on people or situations. In business, Pisces have a keen feeling about whether deals or plans are going to work or not, and that feeling should be recognised and not ignored. You can perceive what others are missing as you can grasp the important undercurrents that drive attitudes and motivations, and that is why you are ahead of the game.

This month, Pisces may consult with psychics, tarot readers, or clairvoyants – you have a desire to connect with the mysterious side of life in your quest for meaning and answers; however, you already have the answers; your intuition is telling you, and you don’t really need to look further. There is also an interest in life after death, and that can fuel a desire for reading in subjects from the occult to religious texts to accounts of near death experiences.

June is a quieter, more contemplative month than last, and you will turn your attention to family matters and your home. You may borrow against the value of your home to do home alterations or improvements. You may decide to redo a room or extend so that you have a den or a quiet area for your personal retreat – you feel the need for more personal space this year, somewhere where it will be all about you.

Events from the past come back to haunt you this month either via dreams or consequences of actions in the past which still affect you. Some of these events can make you doubt yourself, and you may want to seek out additional perspectives from someone who can affirm your memory. You may need to revisit these past events, not to linger or dwell but to get some greater clarity on the who, what, when, and why for the sake of quieting your conscience.

Pisces Love June 2019

This is a romantic month but also one in which you may idealise a lover and put him/her on a pedestal which is not quite deserved. In this way, you may court disappointment, and yet until that time it can be quite enjoyable to allow your emotions free reign. June is a time where fantasy trumps reality, and your need to put the honey lights on your love life is more important to your well-being than taking a cold light of day view.

In marriages, you are very sympathetic right now, which is just as well as you may be called upon to console and comfort your partner. Your depth of understanding is enhanced right now as expressed in the previous section, and so you will be the one to see beyond the obvious problems to the deeper forces, and that can be very helpful to your partner.

Love can spring from compassion, and Pisces may well fall for someone who they have counselled or cared for in some way; this can be especially so for relationships where there is an age gap and where the other person feels you are like a father or mother figure – the danger for you in this is that the relationship may be helpful for them and disappointing for you medium term.

In all relationships, you must not allow yourself to be controlled by guilt – no one is responsible for a mistake forever, and you cannot have the same thing used against you time and time again.

Universal values are important in your love life, and relationships that do not touch you on a deep level regarding friendship and depth of understanding cannot continue.

Pisces Career June 2019

This is a fortunate month for those who work in partnerships or who have a silent partner – there will be an injection of money and a boost to your joint finances. This month is an ideal time to apply for loans or finance. You may also receive a boost via a tax refund or savings from tax planning. This month can also bring successful legal or insurance claims.

June is an excellent month for psychological research, learning, and writing; Pisces are incredibly insightful when it comes to the inner psychological workings of others, and that can lead to conclusions that can help individuals and be extrapolated to theories which can help others. It is also ideal for those writing papers on psychology for their degree or academic publications. Your understanding comes from a place that is deeper than what you have learned and even what you have experienced; it is as if you are drawing on past life experience or tapping into the universal unconscious to perceive this information.

This month is excellent for those studying arts or culture or who arrange and coordinate events in these areas. It is perfect for promotional events, customer events and parties that help to promote products. Those who direct sell via social media can expand their client base and increase sales.

Resolving disputes and smoothing over relationships with suppliers or customers which have been difficult in the past is possible this month. Pisces are skilled with diplomacy and also effective at negotiation, and so relationships in business can be improved and strengthened.

Travel for work can be successful and also enjoyable with the chance to mix business and pleasure.

This is a highly creative time, but you need to focus on your market, your target audience, and financial factors as you will tend to be distracted by exciting ideas that may not be ripe yet or which may not fit in with a viable business model.

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