Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope June 2019

Sagittarius June 2019

The focus this month is on finance, budgeting, and how to allocate money, but it will not be easy as there will be unforeseen expenses to do with children and also friends. It may be the case that you are invited to weddings, birthdays, and events by friends, and this causes a dilemma as you will need to spend money on transport, presents, and even hotels. This can create stress as there is a desire not to let people down as well as this need to save money or spend on priorities. You will have to be very resourceful in the way you budget.

A surprise pregnancy could throw all your current plans into a quandary and yet be very exciting at the same time.

We all like to plan our lives to a greater or lesser degree, and yet plans often unravel. You must remember that life is a series of random events, and a plan can be a heavy thing to shift through the gears when you need to move swiftly or change direction. Some star signs like to plan and prepare, but that can lead to life losing a sense of adventure; it is as if some begin preparing early for the day they will change their skis for slippers. This is not the Sagittarian way, and you need to embrace the turmoil, the disruption, and the excitement this month has to offer. Even if you have mapped out a future, you cannot be whole, certainly not rounded if there is the surprise dimension missing. Sagittarians are not afraid of much and have immense courage when it comes to taking on difficult odds; you tend to get going when the going gets tough. It is all the result of accepting challenges as they arise rather than planning to avoid them, which, let’s face it, is what most plans are about. Thus, build in flexibility for those things which come out of left field.

I can see Sagittarians finding relaxation and release in crime dramas, thriller novels, action films or on the Playstation.

Sagittarius Love June 2019

This is a good month for love relationships that start at work. You may move to a new office and hit it off with a fellow worker. However, this is likely to be a complicated relationship, and it may have to be kept secret for a time. However secrecy is a major turn on right now, and Sagittarians are attracted to relationships that have an air of mystery, intrigue or danger.

Single Sagittarians are indeed attracted to the mad, bad, and dangerous to know this month as you have this craving for drama and intensity.

You are very sexual this month. However, it is not just about the sex; sex needs to have a higher degree of intimacy and passion. Indeed, just having sex will not be enough for you; you will strive to make it more meaningful, more satisfying and longer lasting. No wham bam thank you, ma’am.

Sagittarians are rather demanding this month as you are quite insatiable. There is so much going on inside you internally, and you are ranging from angry to inspired to nervous and back again. You do not quite know what you want, but whatever it is, it is never quite enough. Relationships both new and old can be rather difficult as you are so moody and emotional – when I say ‘moody,’ I do not mean that you are in a bad mood, rather that your moods are in a state of flux and hard to anticipate.

So what is the solution – communicate well, express yourself, and do not hold back and go for it sexually.

This month is good for new relationships; however, they can start so well it may be hard to keep up that momentum.

Sagittarius Career June 2019

This can be a tricky month if you work in partnership – there can be differences over where to expand, how to spend, or where to cut costs. There can also be problems deciding which clients to take on, who to employ, or which contractors to use. Basically, getting agreement with those you work most closely with is hard as your priorities will differ and egos come into the mix, making both of you unwilling to back down.

This is a good month for those who work in finance and banking – this includes accountants, stockbrokers, and tax specialists. You can work on intricate and exciting new projects, and you will have a chance to gain experience in new industries as well as take on extra responsibility. This is a time of fast-paced, nerve-wracking developments in the financial services industry, and there will be many opportunities for Sagittarians to make an impression and use their ideas. It is also a time when you can stand out above the rest in your ability to deal with pressure and make tough calls.

This month, Sagittarians can keep a cool head and make key decisions when it counts. Those of you who work in A&E, as paramedics or in crisis management will come into your own.

Sagittarians will find themselves in key positions this month, and while you will be faced with some tough choices and tricky dilemmas, you can use this time to shape your destiny (in terms of work). This month is a key time to forge alliances with peers in your profession – links you establish now can turn out to be very profitable and offer you resources beyond your expectations.

You are very resolute regarding your dreams and hopes for the future – you will stand firm and make the sacrifices needed to keep things on track.

Setbacks right now are actually signposts that you may need to adjust your route; they are certainly not indicators of failure.

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