Scorpio Monthly Horoscope June 2019

Scorpio June 2019

Things are going well this month although you may not appreciate this as some of the positive events are subtle and could even escape your notice or happen without your awareness. Someone may pay you a good deed behind your back, which results in an unexpected benefit.

This can be a very good month regarding your goals as you are not so ego driven that you cannot see yourself in perspective and acknowledge your mistakes; you will be able to see where you have been wrong, and you will correct that even if it means putting your pride in your pocket. Often this month, two steps back is the best way to make four steps forward.

This month, you can forge alliances with people who you are usually opposed to regarding values, aims or beliefs as suddenly you are in the same boat and have a common goal or enemy – this can be very exciting and can give you a brand new perspective on people who you were previously at odds with.

This is a pleasant and sociable month where you are easygoing and can find time for pleasure and relaxation. Overindulgence is a problem, and you will not be able to resist sugary and fatty foods, and so not a good month for diets.

This is an inspirational month for those for whom faith plays an important role in life – you may get more involved in church/mosque/temple related activities, especially when it comes to reaching out to other religious groups, building bridges, and increasing understanding. You may also get involved in charity connected to the church.

You have a strong inner faith that defies logic and reason but which is palpable – it is probably better to keep this to yourself as others will most certainly pour cold water on your feelings, telling you it’s not rational.

Scorpio Love June 2019

This is a great month for love. You are affectionate, loving, and giving, and will promote bonhomie in all relationships. New relationships will be fun and carefree, and neither of you will want to ruin the mood with any heavy conversations or serious talks about where the relationship is going. It is all about fun and enjoyment and escapism through love.

The only problem for love is that Scorpio are less patient with partners who are maudlin – you will be likely to shift your focus to friends rather than be with a sulky or troubled boyfriend or husband.

Scorpio want to enjoy the month and will expect their partners to snap out of moods or miserable attitudes.

Scorpio are very amorous this month which bodes well for existing relationships; however, single Scorpio may be so caught up in the moment and the good vibe that they take things too far regarding flirting or being indiscreet. This can lead to awkward moments in the coming months, and so do not get carried away.

This month, Scorpio are very romantic, and they will express this by writing poetry, songs, or even preparing special meals to show their love. Scorpio want to share and do things with their loved one – like the song “It takes two.” – Everything is sweeter for Scorpio when they share it with a romantic partner.

Scorpio Career June 2019

This month can be a frustrating one for those who work in public service; you may have to do extra work for less pay, or your pay rise may not be a real increase. This month will test your motivations; if you work in nursing or policing or any other sphere of government you will need to work for the love of the job or the belief in what you are doing – if you are there for the sake of money, power, or ambition, it is likely to be a disappointing time.

However, if you love the work for the value you create for others, this will be a rewarding month. Selfless service is hugely rewarding as the spoils this month are appreciation from those whose lives you touch rather than from the boss or the pay cheque. Scorpio who are motivated by public service will find added energy and compassion this month, and you can make a big difference to those you serve.

This is a very good month for those training in the medical arena, i.e., trainee nurses, doctors, physiotherapists and occupational therapists. Many Scorpio may quit jobs in business or admin to take on a more service orientated career that is more hands on and which utilises your compassionate nature.

June is very good for all creative and artistic work, especially where you are collaborating with other artists. This is a very good time to form a band, start an art group, start a theatre or dance company. If you work in the arts and are recruiting or looking for funding for a tour, this is a great month. It is a good month for starting tours and mounting promotional campaigns.

Those whose work is very seasonal and relies on the summer months for most of their trade will see strong demand this month, and it will bode well for the next three months.

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