Virgo Monthly Horoscope June 2019

Virgo June 2019

This month can give rise to an existential crisis in a small but meaningful way. You will look to where you can increase either the power or pace of change in various areas of your life. You have the impetus this June to step things up, and you will experience an injection of motivation, and you will also increase pressure on those you work with to produce results.

There is a strong desire for reform and change, and that does not only apply to you, but to everyone around you. You may decide to get fit and then twist the arm of your partner or siblings to join you and improve their health at the same time. It may be that you decide to go vegetarian and convince your family to do it with you, or maybe you want to join a social group, and you drag your best friend along. It is all about positive change and helping or encouraging those you care for to embrace that change themselves as well.

Of course, you may have to deal with the fact that not everyone is as enthusiastic as you; do not put undue pressure on them, let it go.

This is not a good month to get involved in any dubious cults or spiritual practices Рavoid psychics and clairvoyants or any s̩ances right now.

You are motivated to take active roles regarding your social circle, organising events and meetups. This is a good time to get more involved in your community to effect change or connect with people who have similar concerns for either the environment or crime.

You have to be careful that competition between you and your friends does not sour the friendship, it may come to your attention suddenly that one of your friends is rather jealous of you and secretly competing quite heavily.

Virgo Love June 2019

This is a much better month for love – new relationships and more established one are on a smooth track.

It is a good time to introduce your partner to your parents, and if you are married, you can smooth over relations with the in-laws.

Holiday romances are a possibility, but they could be short lived. Virgo are attracted to new partners who offer them new vistas mentally, and so relationships in which the other person can introduce you to philosophical ideas or get you engaged in the world are welcome. You enjoy relationships which represent a challenge, i.e., someone who may seem out of your usual social circle, possibly more educated or well-travelled than you currently are.

Virgo are looking for expansion via their lovers, and so even if a holiday romance is short-lived, it can be worth it as you will learn new things that can inspire you and turn you on to new ways of thinking.

Romance is not just about affection, it is about expansion, and so Virgo will have a gung ho attitude to love where you take the ‘nothing ventured, nothing gained’ approach.

In marriages, it is the Virgo who holds up the morale, encourages forward thinking and makes sure that the partner stays positive regarding his attitude and actions. This is a year when Virgo have to keep the perspective as their partner can be a little woolly minded and prone to paranoia; so you have to keep him/her on an even keel mentally and emotionally.

This is a positive month for marriages and also for those who are going through divorces; this can be a month of progress legally when both parties come to amicable agreements or at the very least are more constructive.

Virgo Career June 2019

You may wax lyrical about the positives of teamwork and cooperation, but you may not be able to put your money where your mouth is. You may find it hard to reconcile some of your strongly held beliefs and values with the ethos or direction of the team. Your colleagues may have some plans that do not sit easily with you; you may not agree with their vision or may simply think their plans are short-sighted and ill thought out. You need to be diplomatic when persuading others, and you should be patient as you can actually get them around to your way of thinking, with effort.

You can rouse others to action, especially about causes of mutual concern; while group situations frustrate you, you can also be a very effective motivator.

What you do need to be careful of is being inured into doing something just because your colleagues or others in your profession are doing it – just because it is accepted that something is done and people get away with it, does not mean you should be morally lazy and follow suit.

This month you may stand up for a colleague or even be prepared to go on strike to make a point – you are rather militant right now, and injustice strikes a chord within you, getting you heated.

June is a month of positive action where you can advance goals and ambitions; it is a month of reaching milestones and increasing momentum towards objectives.

Ego issues can arise this month, and you can be unwilling to back down – you will want to impose yourself on a situation way or the other. Even if you do back down, you are only retreating to plan a new phase of attack.

In dealing with children as carer or teacher, you must do as you say as children can quickly challenge you if they think you have double standards.

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